Using a Red Switch in a 3-way config with another zwave (GE) switch

so before I swap the GE ZWAVE plus switch out for a dumb switch I thought I’d ask here … I’m looking and thought it was possible to utilize both a Red Switch and another Zwave switch together, but I’ve obviously either mis-wired (both are on neutral with travelers) or not sorted the magical button sequence for the Red switch to partner.

I see a lot of discussion on dumb switches, but I already had one wave in the system and added the Red. Ideally the Red switch in my main control. I have a habitat hub managing my wave devices currently but generally control things on the front end with Home Assistant.

I have no idea if you can do that or not, but here are a couple things to consider.

1 - The secondary switch needs to have the relay disabled. I don’t think you can do that on the GE, so the Inovelli can’t be your primary with a GE secondary.

2 - The secondary has to be associated with the primary. Maybe someone here can comment on if it’s possible to do this with 2 different manufacturers.

Might be easier to swap the GE for a GE Aux.

I was able to get the new GE 46201 working with the lzw30-SN so i can confirm it works well. In my setup, i have the GE on the load side (with Neutral) and the lzw30-SN on the Line side (also with Neutral) and the relay disabled.