Using Blue Series 2-1 without connecting a hub

Is it possible to use the Blue Series 2-1 switches as just a normal non-smart switch without connecting it to a hub? I want to see if I can find a use for the batch of defective switches assuming that they aren’t able to connect (I haven’t installed/tested them yet, just assuming the worst that they don’t “work”). I have a couple of places where I don’t really need the switch to be smart as long as it still toggles power on and off. If I follow the installation instructions but never connect it to a hub will it still work as if it was a dumb paddle switch?

Sure can! Just make sure you setup the parameters via config button (single load or 3 way, etc.)

If you can, install on a temp power cable connect to a hub to update firmware. Then at least some of the new features will be present (like pure sine wave).

Thanks for the good news! BTW, what exactly do you mean about “install on a temp power cable”?

So I used an old cpu cord and cut off the c13 plu. Then I wired it to the switch in a new work box (not mounted or anything) so that I could test the switch without having to install it in a gang box in a wall. It makes it easier to get close to your hub to allow it to join the network and push updates. Then you can exclude it from your network and place it in the final resting place.

Ahh, ok. That might be a bit much for me, but I think I could do it kind of the opposite way if its just a proximity thing. I have a Amazon Echo Show 10 which I could just plug in right next to where it will be going in the wall temporarily.

So based on your comment, the issue with that batch of Blue 2-1’s, are they still able to connect, just with a weaker ability? If I install them in a 2 gang box with 1 bad and 1 good, should the bad one be likely to connect to my hub thanks to the good one being a repeater for it, theoretically?

If you can connect to them them I’d set them up and never exclude them. Then, you can set any parameter how you want.

Unfortunately the echo has very limited capabilities and won’t flash to the new firmware.

You could potentially leave it connected in your network. I ran 17 of the bad switches for a couple of months with very little difficulties on Hubitat. I did swap them out with the new ones though. You results may vary.

Is there a way to force delete them from the hub after configuring them? That’s possible with zwave-js-ui, just power the device off then do a check and delete for failed nodes.