Using Config button to cancel Notifications and close garage door?

I have an Inovelli red series dimmer set to get notifications if I left my garage door open for (X) amount of minutes. I can obviously stop the notification LED flashing by pressing the config button twice.

Since I can get Rule Machine to send me a notification if the garage door is left open, and I can cancel that notification LED, (by pressing the config button twice), Is there a way to use Rule Machine to close the garage door when I cancel the notification? What I was trying to do was set a rule that states when notification is turned off, (by pressing the config button twice), Close the garage door.

That way I’m multi-tasking by doing two functions with one task. Press the config button twice on the dimmer, stops the notification and closes the garage door.

I have tried several times without success. I’m new to Hubitat, Inovelli switches and Rule Machine. A giant learning curve here. I feel like I’m trying to teach an old dog, (myself), new tricks. But I figured if I can make the garage door send the switch a notification, why can’t I make the switch send the garage door a command.

Is this even possible?

@Tccshenkes - Can you provide a screenshot of your RM?

Its rather simple, if notification turns off open garage door.

This is my send notification rule. Not sure if they need to be one rule

Ok, so it may not be one button to do both, but I can use Inovelli scenes and create a button to close the garage door. So, if at bed time, my dimmer side bar LED is flashing red, I know my garage door is open. If I go to the switch and press the config button twice, it turns off my “Notification”. I then press the up button once and it closes my garage door. I still need to fine tune this. It would still be nice to get the config button to do it by turning off the notifications.

I don’t know the Rule Machine, but generally speaking, maybe instead of trying to figure out how to close the door with the config button, maybe you should just turn the notification off with however else you shut the door.

I have a notification that turns on when either garage door is open. Both doors are aggregated to a virtual switch. So when the virtual switch turns on, the notification turns on. When the garage doors close and the virtual switch turns off, the notification turns off.

So I guess my thought is that you shouldn’t manually turn off the notification. You should watch for the condition to resolve itself (i.e. the garage door closes) and then programmatically turn off the notification.

I’m using ST and Smart Lighting for this, but it could be done in webCore or Sharptools’ Rule Engine. I would think that if you can turn the notification on in Rule Machine, you ought to be able to turn it off, too.

So my suggestion is that instead of manually turning off the notification, you should be watching for the condition to resolve itself (i.e. the garage door closes) and then turn the notification off programmatically based on that.

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@Tccshenkes - I’ll look more when I get home from work, but I didn’t realize the config 2x worked as a scene trigger. I know config button pushed 1x (setup in Hubitat as button 7 pushed) could initiate a trigger. What button are you configuring in hubitat?

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I like the concept of the notification going off when the garage door closes. I will try to incorporate that in.
In either example, having the notification on the switch will let me know that the garage door is open, but with what I am trying to do, would allow me to close the garage door from the bedroom switch instead of going downstairs to the garage and closing the door from there. The key here is not so much to turn off the notification, but more of closing the garage door from the switch. With your example, I can combine (button #7 in Hubitat), which is config 1x and hopefully a RM to turn off notification when garage door is closed. Then I would press config 1x, which would close the door and then once the door is closed, it would turn off notifications.
Thanks for you input

I dont think it does act like a trigger. That’s what I was wondering. It would be nice if I could double up on that action to also close the garage door. Right now pressing the config 2x turns off notifications and in order to close the garage door by I’m using button 1 in Hubitat, which is pressing the up paddle on the switch 1 time.
I actually just switched it to button 7. Button 1 was also turning on the light. So, now I press the config 1x to close the garage door and then 2x to remove the notification. I might try to incorporate Bry’s suggestion, and have the notification go off when the garage door is closed.

So, figured it out. Using your tip abou button #7, (which I forgot about that one), and Bry’s tip about turning notifications off after garage door closes. Now if notification is on, I press config1x to close the door and when the door is closed the led goes off.

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Ahh, yes it can be customized to do so. You would build your rule with if, then else statements.
Something like if garage door open, then trigger notification on switch on else trigger notification on switch off. Then create a button for config 1x (button 7) to shut garage door if garage door is open, so like If garage open, and button 7 is pushed, then shut garage else nothing.

Edit: sounds like you got it figured out!

Thanks Harjms and Bry for your thoughts on this. It works great. I really appreciate Hubitat’s and Inovelli’s community support.