Using the Fan/Light Switch with a bathroom fan

I have a bathroom fan and light that are on a single switch (with a single wire going to the switch) and I would like to split them. Would the Fan/Light Switch (I am assuming the blue version) work for a use case like this?

I know these switches are primarily designed for ceiling fans and not exhaust fans, but the only real issue I see would be that the exhaust fan likely doesn’t support multiple speeds (even if it does, I don’t think I want to run it on anything but high). Is that something that I would be able to disable in the switch?

The other, smaller issue, is that I will need to get the remote box wired up in place in the ceiling, but that is still less work than pulling new wires to the switch.


Do you have two or three wires going to the fixture?

If only two, then the only option from Inovelli would be LZW36. You could install a relay in the junction box and use the blue to send scenes to trigger light or fan.

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I have 3 wires, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

By 3 wires, do you mean a black, red and white or are you counting the bare ground, presuming you have Romex?

No, sorry, I have hot, neutral, and ground. There are not individual wires for fan or light, which is the limitation I am hoping to solve with the Fan/Light Switch that has a remote box.

Yes, it’s just basic three conductor Romex.

Got it. So with a 2-wire, what @harjms said.

Unless you can get add it from an attic or crawl space, you’ll have to drop the fan box to figure out how to get the canopy wired.

The only problem is LZW36s are not being produced. So if you want this anytime soon, you might consider a two-channel smart relay which you can control via an Inovelli. (What @harjms said re sending sciences …)

Ok, yeah, that’s the switch I was looking at. I just wanted see if there was an obvious reason that fan controller wouldn’t play nice with an exhaust fan.

I know that the LZW36 is no longer being produced, but I also see that the blue version is getting ready to launch, so hoping I can go with that one once it is available.

I believe the fan blue equivalent of the fan+light would work. I think fan will talk zigbee to the canopy.

Thanks, everyone. Does anyone know if the fan+light controllers have a way to disable the speed controls on the fan switch so that it’s just Off and High? That is my biggest open question around using it…

There isn’t a current Zigbee/Blue series equivalent, so hard to say right now what will be supported for sure. I would anticipate that being one of the requested features though so would expect the answer to ultimately be yes, but no guarantees until we actually know more unfortunately.

Totally fair. Thanks