Vanity light flickering when powering off

Just installed a Blue 2in1 switch for a bathroom vanity light. The light turns on fine, when turning off it will flicker and the switch LED changes from blue to green, to off, back to blue. Here is the light that I have:

Lithonia Lighting Contractor Select 18-Watt 24 in. 1 Light Brushed Nickel LED Vanity Light Bar Switchable Light Color FMVCSLS 24IN MVOLT 30K35K40K 90CRI BN M6 - The Home Depot

That almost sounds like a reboot, although the colors are different.

Neutral or non-neutral?

If it’s a non-neutral, bypass maybe.

Also try switching from leading to trailing edge, or vice versa.

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Documentation says “Trailing Edge is only available in neutral single-pole and neutral multi-way with an aux setups.” I’m guessing I can’t change to that since I’m non-neutral?

Is that a fluorescent tube light?

Disregard clicked on the link. LED. Doh

I guess in this case, my only option would be to install a bypass module at the light? I couldn’t find any documentation on what the bypass module does so a little confused on that part.

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The fan switch doesn’t do leading or trailing edge dimming.

Crap. Good point.