VZM31-SN floods HA log with "invalid value" messages for maximumLevel

I have six Blue Series 2-1 switches in Home Assistant running under Zigbee2MQTT. For five of the switches I get hundreds of error message in the log each day like this:

2024-02-19 09:23:05.785 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.mqtt.number] Invalid value for number.downstairs_hall_light_maximumlevel: 255 (range 2.0 - 254.0)

In Z2M the State tab for that switch indeed lists the “invalid” configuration:

    "maximumLevel": 255,
    "minimumLevel": 1,

The one switch of the six that doesn’t report that error shows a “maximumLevel” of 254 on the State tab.

I’d like to stop this flood of error messages, but I’m not sure how. Could someone please point to where I can fix the configuration?

I had this error on one of mine. Factory reset fixed the problem.