VZM31-SN light strobing after 2.15 Firmware update

I am experiencing some really bad light strobing, not just flickering after updating my VZM31-SN from 2.11 to 2.15 firmware this past weekend. Previously, when using the 2.11 firmware, I would have some light flickering if I had the lights dimmed below 15%. With the 2.15 firmware I am getting significant light strobing until around 55% brightness. I see there is a new option, Option 26, which I was hoping would fix my issue with the flickering below 15% and why I upgraded the firmware since I am pretty sue my lights are Trailing Edge. I can’t seem to find the option in Home Assistant under Device → Manage Zigbee Device → Clusters → Inovelli_VZM31SN_Clusters. I even removed the device and readded it after the firmware update to try and get all of the latest options. How do I set the Leading Edge/Trailing Edge parameter? Also wanted to report that the flickering changed to strobing after the firmware update.

Full Configuration: VZM31-SN (using neutral), 3-Way AUX using AUX01,and 4 Lithonia Lighting WF6 Can lights.

Should have specified the lights these are driving:
Lithonia Lighting WF6: https://www.acuitybrands.com/products/detail/579430/lithonia-lighting/wf6-downlight/wafert-led-indoor-outdoor-6-in-housing-free-recessed-downlight

I have about 10 VZM31-SN switches, and these lights are the only ones that ever had flickering issues. I have these 8 of these lights on 2 switches, 4 lights per swtich. Both switches have the same issue and perform the exact same way, but it just got much worse after the 2.15 firmware update.

I looked again for the parameter after I updated Home Assistant this evening to 2023.11 using ZHA Toolkit Scan Device and I was able to see Parameter 26 this time! Not sure if I missed it before, but looking again tonight it was there and I was able to change it to “1” using ZHA Toolkit Write Attribute.

My Lithonia Lighting WF6 lights are now VERY stable using the trailing edge setting. Dimming appears to be flawless well under 10%. Very happy with new setting. I think this light can be added to the compatible list using trailing edge.

Go here to add the bulb to the compatibility app:

Here is the app for anyone looking for it: