VZM35-SN missing cluster 64561 in ZHA

I have a number of VZM31-SN and two VZM35-SN. I recently switched from Zigbee2MQTT to ZHA. Everything works, except that the 64561 / 0xfc31 cluster is missing in ZHA. That is, when I go to manage the Zigbee device of my fan switch and choose ManufacturerSpecificCluster, it has no attributes or commands in it.

The VZM31-SN light switches have lots of attributes, and I am able to modify, for example, the LEDs. Since the VZM35-SN is empty, though, I cannot control those options. If I try to send a cluster command directly using zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command then it just says “Unknown Error.”

Forgot to mention:
Firmware is 0x02020107
Home Assistant version is 2024.3.3
Coordinator is an SLZB-06 fully up to date.

On the device page, if you click the dropdown for Zigbee info, what quirk is listed? The cluster you’re looking for will also be “Inovelli_VZM35SN_Cluster (Endpoint id:1, Id: 0xfc31, Type: in)”

No quirk is listed when viewing the device info.

That cluster is labelled “ManufacturerSpecificCluster (Endpoint id:1, Id: 0xfc31, Type: in)” in my Home Assistant.

It appears that the PR for the 1.07 firmware in ZHA was merged last week, but is not present in the current HA release.

If you’re comfortable running a custom quirk in the meantime, you can grab the files from the PR here and configure your configuration.yaml to point to the quirk folder as summarized here. You’d likely want both the __init__.yaml and VZM35SN.py files to make sure your parameters show up as expected for 1.07 as well. Once HA is updated to include those changes, you can remove the custom quirks.

Thank you! That did the trick.

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