VZW31-SN 3 Way in Dimmer + Dumb Switch Mode Flashing Green rapidly

Hi there - New to inovelli here and have bought the VZW31-SN red series 2 in 1 switch.

Connected it with Neutral and Traveller in 3 Way mode. By default the switch used to work nicely when the dumb switch is on and basically I could control the lights but not dim the lights.

I wanted to switch the mode and type to 3-Way Dimmer + Dumb switch mode. While searching for guides I used the one that referenced LZW31 and then the switch started blinking the green light every second whenever I turn the dumb to ON it starts blinking. Now the lights are non operable and I cannot send any commands or parameters via SmartThings Hub v2.

I tried resetting the switch multiple times. But no sequence works even changing the modes. Looking for some guidance as the switch is new and there are not troubleshooting guides.

Here’s a link to the video: Dropbox - 20230902_175804.mp4 - Simplify your life

This almost sounds like (in the video) that your line and load are swapped. Verify your wiring in accordance with the wiring diagrams.

Thanks for the response. I will check the wiring again, but why would it work in the default mode (single pole, on/off) but not when changing the modes to 3-way dumb switch + Dimmer?

I guess I glazed over that part and only watched the video. I had some very similar happen (3 way plus aux switches). Upon shutting the circuit breaker both of my switches were doing a very similar power cycle with relays clicking. I opened the breaker and pulled out the switches and saw that I had swapped line and load when originally installing them. It’s worth checking just in case.

So does that mean the Inovelli worked properly with the dumb switch in only one position or do you mean that you could turn the lights on and off from either switch like a normal 3-way would work?

Are you using a hub? If so, which one. It sounds like you may have been setting the parameters at the switch itself.

What did you do to try to reset it? It should be hold the Configuration / Favorites Button (C) followed by the up button (A) for 20 seconds until the LED Bar (D) turns red and let go. The switch should blink red a few times indicating it has been factory reset.

Sorry you couldn’t find the proper manual, but there should have been one in the box with the switch. Documentation is in the midst of reorganization presently. See the link below.

Perhaps I should have clarified even better.

So when the dumb switch is on, I was able to turn the lights on/off using the Inovelli (dimmer did not work). When the dumb switch was off it did not work. Can this be the case even if the line an dload where swapped?

Yea, held the up paddle (A) and the config (C) for 20 seconds and the light did not flash red.

I am using Samsung Smarthings V2 Hub. Able to access the switch through that but unable to set any parameters and the switch is non responsive. Installed the inovelli 2 in 1 drivers as well and the advanced settings are visible in the samrt things app. As soon as I turn on the dumb switch, inovelli starts doing what is shown in the video.

This is a long shot, but I worked for someone else in a similar situation so fingers crossed it may work for you.

Can you pull the air-gap out on the Inovelli switch (little button at the bottom left) - it should cut power to your switch.

With the air gap out, go over to the dumb switch and flip it to the opposite way you had it prior (ie: if the switch is up, flip it down and vice versa).

Then push back in the air gap on the Inovelli switch and hold down the top paddle and config for 20 seconds until the LED turns Red.

Finally, manually set the switch to Dumb switch mode by doing the following:

Hold down on the bottom part of the paddle (off) while simultaneously tapping the configuration button five (5) times (do not let go of the paddle when finished tapping the config button). Wait for the LED Bar to flash solid pink (and then let go of the paddle) indicating the switch has enabled 3-Way + Dumb Switch Mode.

GIF link below:

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Awesome! The procedure has worked to reset the device.

Howdver, once I do the config for the 3way+dumb switch it starts going on/off again… I have now reverted to default settings single pole and on/off.

The switch is working only when the dumb switch is ON position. When its in OFF position it doesn’t work (probably because of 3way disabled). How do i get it to work in dimmer and 3 way mode? I followed the manual linked in above comment but unfortunately the switch behaves as mentioned in the video…

Should I just try to enable it in dimmer mode and see if it works?

So 3-way dumb switches don’t have an ON and OFF. They just have 2 positions. At any given time, the connection to the dumb switch is routed through one of the two traveler conductors. When you flip the dumb switch, the connection is routed through the other traveler conductor.

In all cases, the Inovelli is wired with a constant hot and a neutral, so there is no condition in which the Inovelli should lose power. Do you have a line and load in separate boxes? If you do, how did you determine which box was the line box and which box was the load box.

Please post the wiring diagram that you followed.

Sorry have been out for a while.

Update: Eric’s method of resettong the swutch works after pulling the airgap. The switch is now working well as a Dimmer. Have been able to dim the lights and use various settings and configure associations as well.

I’m happy with the way its working without needing to complicate things. I just need to keep the secdon dumb switch in ON position for the inovelli to work as a smart + dimmer switch. The 3way mode doesn’t work and I’m ok with that as I’m not an electrical expert neither have the time to mess with the circuits. Thanks for the help this community is great.

It’s time to wire the other switches and get going… Waiting for the mmWave 2 in 1 REDs eagerly so I can setup presense based lighting at home :slight_smile:

Sounds like what Bry was suggesting where your Line is at the Dumb switch side and load where you have the inovelli. The VZW31-SN should be where the Line comes in and the dumb switch where the load is.

This would be the wiring diagram to follow in your situation, just move your two switches if you wanted to try again to get the dumb switch functioning.

Going to try this recommendation over the weekend… Will update this thread once conplete.