VZW31-SN Aux Switch behavior changes when Param 25 is on

So I just installed my first Inovelli series z-wave switch and things were going well. I just had a small flicker as the lights would turn on to max. This looks like it would be resolved with parameter 25 which reads:

Increase Output Power (Non-Neutral): Increase output power when in non-neutral mode. (May cause problems with high level flicker or aux switch detection. Adjust maximum level if you are having problems.)

And it worked, it resolved the problem without issue. Just that now my Aux switch behaves weird. Before it behaved as expected but with this on it does not. The down button and the config button appear to be reversed. Up is still up but down is nothing and the little config button is off. When I turn option 25 off again the aux switch behaves normally. Can anyone reproduce this? Does anyone have a fix for it?

For people trying to re-create this:
Switch Firmware is 1.2
Home Assistant with Z-Wave JS 0.30

That is what the description says - trouble detecting the aux switch. Set the maximum level, parameter 10, to 80% and see if it starts working again.

Thanks for calling that out. I tried adjusting that and found a sweet spot that seems to work. At 80% or lower I get lights to flicker at max brightness, at anything over 85% the aux switch behaves strangely. At exactly 84% things work as expected and the lights are acceptably bright, though at 100% they are brighter.

The odd thing is that with this turned off at 99% the lights flicker too. It must be about how much power is being delivered. But then when I turn dimmer mode on and max power lower, everything works with no flickering.