VZW31-SN Feedback after many months of use

I purchased a 10 pack back in June time frame and recieved the VZW31-SN (Project Phoenix) switches with the first batch (yes, from Innovelli, not third party stollen/engineering sample ones from Amazon). I’ve had them installed for some time now in some high traffic areas in my house. My feedback here is meant to be constructive and not in anyway hating the product, because these switches are the best ones i’ve ever owned!

I’ve noticed that the fit&finish seems to “loosen” up after awhile of heavy use. When clicking on the paddle, I find myself having to stop and push the middle of the up/down paddle to register the click. If I walk by in a hurry and reach out and “slap” Not really slap, just saying that as the movement, in a hurry and I only push the up or down corner or didnt push hard enough as it does require more force to activate up/down then my other GE Embrighten ones that I installed 4 years ago. With time, I’ve noticed more and more, I have to really push the center of the paddle to activate it.

Also, if I push the switch too quick, it doesnt register… I assume this is a firmware issue that could be fixed by altering the button push/debounce code. I have to really mean to stop walking, push the center paddle to hear the click of the button and hold for “what seems like an erternaty, but is a split second”, and then move on. or double clicking to activate my double click setting in the peramiters (Most are set to dim to 100% bright if double up, double down sends to initial dim setting, same as single push up, and single down is off) I have to double click the switch slower then I wish… Is there a peramiter I can set for the button timing to fix these issues? or do I have to wait for a firmware update?

But the biggest thing I notice, is the paddle overall feels looser and more flimsy as it is aging. Where my GE ones i’ve had for many years and still operate and feel good as new.

Again, these are the best swtiches and the feature set is out of this world!!! I hope inovelli makes it into the future and gets some design patents on all switch ideas so they are not stollen again in the future! But I’m here for the long haul and just wanted to provide what I’ve noticed for the past few months that kind of is a bit irritating.

One thing I love about the LED strip on the switches, is when we put the baby down for a nap, I have a set of automations that kick off, but it sets my Unifi 4 Pro Doorbell to Chime=none and then if anyone rings the doorbell while baby is sleeping, the LED strips on all switches FLASH RED and BLUE alerting front doorbell ringing. and when the baby is up and my sensors detect motion moving around in the crib for more then 2 minutes, they start sweeping up and down yellow letting us know the baby is awake.


I can’t speak to the rest, but this is controllable via a parameter, specifically P50 - “Button Press Delay”, if you’re using multi-tap you can use 1-9, default is 5. Maybe try bumping it down to 2-3 and see what you think?

I’ll play with this setting… Because I have found when I just walk by and hit the switch up or down real quick, it doesnt do anything… Almost like how I code my anti-debounce on some projects where I just have it read the button down for xxms to make sure its not a debounce and registering like 4 presses instead of one… but thats my lazy coding sometimes and I doubt they would do that… (I hope), because for “quick” presses, I have to stop and push up or down slowly and firmly and make sure I press the button longer then a quick press and it is anoying when my other Embrighten ZWave switches i’ve had installed for 3-4 years now work just fine when I do a quick press while walking by.

I didnt notice this when I first installed, so wondering if this peramiter changed by default in the newest release a while back.

I’m going to check that setting now to see if it works better for me :slight_smile:

That button delay is a pause to detect if you press the button again, as in doing a double tap for scene control. It’s not the delay if you tap it once and it never turns on.

Ah, thank you for the clarification! I am playing around with the settings and trying to get it to respond better.

I love these switches and the massive perrameters they open up and allow us to completely customize our switches how we need, and not just lock us down to just on/off/dim and thats it like all other manufacturers.

Just the slowness/random not turning on/off when I press the button real quick and I hear (and feel) the button actually click, drives me nuts.

Also my Google Home doesnt like these switches, or is SLOW to respond… When I click on/off/dim in the HA interface, its immidiate. But when I say “hey google, turn off kitchen” it will sit there for like 20 seconds and then do it, OR actually does turn off and then says “I’m sorry, that device is not responding right now” but when I instruct google home to do other switches (GE Embrighten/Jasco), it responds much quicker, still slow for my taste where Alexa was immidiate, but it atleast works. I think GoogleHome is just extremely slow when connecting to HA for some reason…