VZW31-SN LED bar turns resets to default on bottom paddle press

I need a bit of help, I don’t know why this is…working strangely. The short version: My LED bar has the appropriate color and brightness, but when I press the bottom paddle it reverts to the default off indicator setting (a dim blue). Pressing the top paddle the indicator returns to the appropriate state.

The longer version: VZW31-SN is configured in smart bulb mode. I use Home Assistant and I am currently expanding into using the LED bar colors to indicate certain states based on a boolean value. The color toggles appropriately when the value changes, this is done with an automation in HA.

The weird bit is this: pressing the down paddle reverts the LED bar to the default “off” indicator state. The switch and all of its buttons are linked up to an automation to fire off the appropriate scene, but in addition to running the scene the down paddle seems to toggle the switch to “off”. The switch state shows in HA as an entity, and I can toggle it in HA without pressing the paddle. The result is: I know the smart bulb mode is working because I can switch “off” the VZW31-SN entity in HA, and the lights remain on at the appropriate scene. The LED bar turns “off” (back to the default) when I do this, and if I toggle the switch back “on” the LED bar returns to the appropriate color based on the input_boolean.

I don’t understand why the bottom paddle updates the LED bar when the switch is in smart bulb mode. Having the LED bar accurately reflect state is critical to my implementation (it won’t be approved by the wife if the switches are inaccurate or confusing). I need a bit of help. I’ve been through all the configuration parameters half a dozen times and nothing jumps out at me, and my google-fu has failed. The solution is probably very simple but it eludes me.

SMB the dimmer ramps and turns on-off like normal but the output stays on at 100%. So yes it is turning off. The reason is to link level of the dimmer to bulbs then it would control the brightness and on-off of the bulbs directly. There are separate on and off color and strip brightness level settings so if you didn’t set the off ones then what you are seeing is normal.

Solved! Thank you for this additional information, it pointed me in the right direction. I’m just now starting to slowly increase the sophistication of my HA deployment (being careful to not introduce changes so quickly as to upset the wife :slight_smile: ) so it was confusing when the mode didn’t work as I expected.

For anyone from the future: Don’t naively try to set the LED color & brightness as I did: instead use a notification to achieve the same result. Select “Solid” as the effect type (or something else according to your preference), color, brightness, and duration “indefinite” and it will result in the LED bar remaining on regardless of the switch “state”.