VZW31-SN Z-Wave association dimming (not virtual 3-way)

I am replacing a bunch of GE/Jasco ZW3005 smart dimmers with the new Inovelli Red VZW31-SN, and overall am loving the upgrade. But I ran into one feature the GE/Jasco had that I can’t seem to make work on the Inovelli.

I have a light in my living room with the switch all the way on the other side from my front door. At the front door, I have a switch for the porch lights. Previously, I was able to set up an association from the porch light switch to the living room lights, so I could double-tap the porch lights and turn on/off the living room lights when I walked in. What is more, I could double-tap-and-hold to dim the living room lights remotely from the porch light switch.

With the Inovelli, I added an association grouping for double tap:

I can indeed turn on/off the living room lights as before! But when I double-tap-and-hold, it won’t dim the living room lights. Looking at the other association options, they seem to only be used when creating a virtual 3-way switch, e.g. if I had a smart dimmer at the door NOT connected to any lights, I could use it just fine. But in this case, the dimmer is connected to local lights that I want to control with a single tap or a single tap-and-hold, then use the 2x for the remote lights.

Am I just not aware of the correct association(s) to set, or is this feature not present in the current firmware?

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That feature doesn’t exist in the firmware today, but I can see how it would be interesting to have. Tagging @EricM_Inovelli for visibility.


That is a great idea. I will see if we can add it in a future firmware update.


I’d be happy to mail you a couple of the old switches if you want to see how they do it. I won’t be needing them anymore :wink:


Sure thing, I’ll PM you about it.