Weird SmartThings "double tap" behaviour

Hey, so I setup a lighting automation to run on SmartThings when I “double-tap” my dimmer switch, but the automation is behaving weirdly.

I’ve setup both the “Lighting Automation” scenarios on my SmartThings app, and have both the dimmers registered with their correct “Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN” type… but nothing happens… I see “lastEvent: Tap ▲▲” but no action is taken. I also see the buttons all link together (see gif).

Another weird behavior I’ve noticed:

  • The child devices (Down button, Up button, etc), do not appear until I save the device type as “Inovelli Dimmer” and then back again. If I leave it saved as “Inovelli Dimmer” then the shortcuts for the “pushed_2x” on the “Up Button” works, but not the down button.



So what hits me from what you posted is that the menu items presented to you for button options don’t look correct.

It looks like you’re using Smart Lighting, so that’s correct.

The button selections presented by the switches should be button numbers, 1 through 7. (Not Up button, etc)

The button actions presented by the switches should be pushed or held. (Not pushed_2x)

We’ve seen this before and I’m thinking that you are using the incorrect device handler or the Inovelli you are using doesn’t support button actions. What model switch/dimmer are you trying this with?

If you can post a screenshot of that switch/dimmer’s device page WITHOUT THE VIDEO, that would be great. The moving graphic is too small to read and copying it out doesn’t help.

Also, post a screenshot of the Device Handler that you are using.

Dimmer is the latest 2nd Gen Red Dimmer, as bought on Amazon a couple weeks ago:

Device Page Screenshot:

Device Handler (tried updating to latest version today, but same problem):

Thanks. So that is a LZW31-SN confirmed by the raw description. That is also the proper DH.

If you look at the device page in the Support Button Values section, you’ll see that the device should be exposing pushed and held, which is what I described earlier but isn’t what you are seeing to select.


The one section that looks different from how mine are configured pertains to the child devices. Scroll further down in the device page section and you’ll see the following:


I don’t know where the down and up button child devices are originating from, but those terms match the selections that you are seeing in Smart Lighting that aren’t correct. I don’t have any child devices enabled in the dimmer I’m comparing with that works fine with Smart Lighting. Are any of these turned on for a specific reason and if so, did you add the corresponding child device handler? It might be easier to turn them off for testing to see if that exposes the correct button menus.

In your original post, you referred to the down and up button child devices appearing, but I didn’t fully understand what you were describing, and I’m not really sure what those child devices do. It’s just that down and up match the menu selections you shouldn’t be seeing, so I’m thinking this may be the source of the issue. So to be clear, you do not need the Down Button and Up button child devices to get Smart Lighting to work correctly, and their presence may be causing the issue.

The only other difference between what you’ve posted and the dimmer I’m comparing is that you are on 1.57 and mine is on 1.47.

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I got it to work with some of your advice! I basically just went and manually deleted all but the “notification” child devices, ignored the warnings, and then went back to configure the lights and the new “Button 1” to “Button 8” options were there! I then used the chart here ( to configure them! I have no idea how those other items got there, but I suspect they are left from the “default” Inovelli device handler I have installed:


Thank you!

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