What am I doing wrong? Blue Serjes on dimming mode only shows on/off toggle in Home Assistant (ZHA)

I set my Blue series switch to dimming mode, verified that it dims on and off using the paddles. However, after pairing to ZHA, the only control I get is an on/off toggle and there is no brightness slider control. What am I doing wrong?

Click Light or the bulb icon to bring it up.

WOW. Horrible UX in my opinion. Thanks.

This is home assistant ux, not inovelli.


I’ll add to this. It is also not the UX the very large majority will use to interact with the device either. Most will put something on their dashboard to interact with the light.
For example this mushroom card on the dashboard:


Just adding as well, I’m using the slider-entity-card -


There are a ton of different ways to show it or format the slider on your dashboard, just going to come down to what you want it to look like.

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