What exactly does setting switch to No Neutral do?

I’m having a strange issue. My red and black dimmers have been fine for a couple years now using Linkind bulbs. I just switched to Phillips Ultra Definition Warm Glows and have been experiencing something a bit odd. When the bulbs come on from 0% to 75ish they will all popcorn off and back on once. If the bulbs are warm (because they’ve been on a while) this doesn’t seem to happen).

But here’s the part I don’t understand, setting the switch to No Neutral appears to be fixing it. Why would that be? My house has nuetral it’s only about 15 years old. And again, this did not happen on the other bulbs. So why?

adjust your minimum brightness level. Most LED bulbs can’t dim to a true 0% and when they’re underpowered it causes that flicker

The minimums have been adjusted. The issue does not occur at low levels, only higher levels. And as i said, changing the dimmer to no neutral seems to correct it.

My question is this, if my dimmers are indeed hooked up to a neutral, but i set them to no neutral, what exactly changes? What do i lose or sacrifice by doing that?

Non-neutral switches get their power by leaking some current through the load.