What Z-wave network is considered to be too "heavy"

I have about 32 devices Z-wave (21 Red 2in1 dimmers, some Zooz switches and motion sensors). I am using ATRIM 800 stick with HA Z-wave JS [zwave2mqtt], and recently I am having challenges to include new devices or heal network, update firmware. Especially with devices at a different from stick floor. Any recommendations?


32 devices shouldn’t be too much for your mesh. I have 55 myself on my Hubitat C-8 hub and have no issues.

What can cause issues however are devices that are not paired properly. Those will cause what is typically called « ghosts » and must be removed ASAP. These are devices that didn’t pair correctly and because of this, other devices try routing through them but are not successful. They tend to cause issues on the Z-Wave mesh.

Unfortunately, I am not sure if they would cause an issue with your setup, how to see or remove them in that case. Hopefully, others in the community can chime in to help with that!

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Are you using a USB extension cord? A 3ft or longer cord is recommended.

Yes, I am using extension cord (3 or 4 feet).
I did not have any issues before I exceeded 20 or so devices.
The communication is not an issue once devoice included to network, but inclusion recently is real pain (and firmware update) for remote devices

How I can check and fix it?
BTW, with Zigbee I have about 54 devices and no issues whatsoever (except the fact that I am waiting for 2.15 :slight_smile: )


Are you using zwave-js-ui? If so, go to the addon. Any devices with a red sad face are dead. Click on the device and try to “Ping” it. If that doesn’t work you can click the blue hamburger and click on the purple “Advanced actions” button. Click a “Heal Network”. That will try to rebuild the mesh.

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I do not see any “red faces” I cleaned it yesterday with
Screenshot 2023-07-31 at 11.39.45 AM

Last time I did “heal network” it took forever to perform operation

You can try healing the problematic nodes individually. If you go to the network, do you have any nodes with more than 2 hops? Maybe you have a dead spot in your network?

[quote=“vladimir.korobov, post:6, topic:14696, full:true”]Last time I did “heal network” it took forever to perform operation
Even though it takes a while, you want to heal the network anytime you do anything significant to it. Such as adding new devices. There’s a big difference when a node needs to make 4 hops vs it being able to do it with 1.

I also notice you have an 800 series stick. This is relatively new and there may be bugs in the stick’s firmware. The 700 series stick when launched was a complete disaster.

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I’ve downloaded the latest firmware, but I can’t update

Used this link for instructions

found on Silicon Lab github

zwave_ncp_serial_api_controller_BRD4204D.gbl (127.7 KB)

But I am getting error massage:

What I am doing wrong?