When MG24 on 2-1 Switch?

When will the Blue Series 2-1 Switch be available with the MG24 chipset?

How long should we be prepared to wait? 3, 6, 12 more months? As soon as the production run following the August run?

I’m waiting to buy 5 to match my Project Linus switches.

Thanks Inovelli team!

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What’s your Matter setup look like?

Was mg24 confirmed for Linus? I remember it being on the wish-list for Linus, but I don’t recall it ever being confirmed as actually happening.

Yes, its in the specs here: mmWave Smart Switch with Presence Sensing Radar | Indiegogo

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Right on - I should’ve thought to check there - thanks!

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The MG24 on the 2-1 is TBD. I know that’s not the best answer, but I don’t have a solid date for it. The deal we made with our manufacturer is that we’d purchase the rest of their MG21 inventory in exchange for a reduction on fees for converting to the MG24. And to be good business partners.

They made a mistake in that they purchased way too many MG21’s (my guess is they were trying to save money on a bulk purchase even though we told them our intentions were to move to the MG24 ASAP) and asked if we could use them otherwise they would have to write them off or sell them at a loss.

Not happy about it, but hopefully we can sell through the chips quickly. My best guess based on volumes is that we can get them in January.

The fan switch, the Linus switch and any new ones will have the MG24. But yeah, I understand the 2-1’s are the flagship.


Thanks @Eric_Inovelli for the transparency as always.

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I’m pretty new here, and I’d like to get a bunch of 2-1s with the ability to upgrade to matter in the future. I’m totally comfortable doing the upgrade on the MG21 myself.

Besides the ability to OTA the Matter upgrade, does the MG24 offer anything else?

Edit: If I order 2-1s on backorder am I charged now or when they ship?

Agree, thanks @Eric_Inovelli even when disappointing. I had given up on Matter over Thread firmware from inovelli in 2023, but was still holding out hope for something tangible such as the spec bump to the MG24 being realized.


The honesty and transparency is refreshing, thanks!. I know the urge to avoid the Osborne effect is real, but I’ll likely order more switches sooner simply because of the honesty. :+1:

Thanks guys, yeah I would like to get these things all switched over ASAP. For every MG21 that’s sold, it just means that a percentage of those people will want to update to Matter once the MG24’s come out and we’ll have to break the news to them that it’s not as easy as the OTA - especially true if they haven’t been paying attention like you guys in the forum! There’s definitely incentive on our side too :slight_smile:

I don’t anticipate any major changes to the switch other than the chipset.

Here’s the spec sheets for both, I’m not a real technical guy, so I don’t want to attempt to explain the differences so figured I’d take you to the sources themselves!

Both from an Inovelli firmware standpoint, we have plenty of space left on the MG21, so anything we add to that, will be added to the MG24, especially since we have the source code for the MG21 now.

Unfortunately it will charge now. I haven’t been able to find a good way to charge when shipped without paying for some third party extension or at the very least I’d like to have a charge half now half when shipped since that’s what we pay the manufacturer so understanding the amount of backorders and placing an applicable order makes it easier that way.

But I believe they are currently in the Pacific Ocean enroute to LA since they finished production a week ago. My hope is they’ll get here to HQ in a couple weeks!


I saw that the 2-1 is on back order until January. Will this shipment have the MG24 or will it be a following order sometime later in 2024?

Still no date on MG24 as far as I’m aware. I know the order in January will not have them.

I’m waiting on the Blue 2-1 to get the mg24 chip before I buy 10-15 and finish my home automation. Do you guys have an updated ETA on this? Thanks and happy holidays!

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On the same boat here. Since I don’t have any Blues yet and I need to buy a boatload of them to convert the whole house, I would like to do it with MG24 to try and future-proof it somehow but without understanding exactly what I’m missing.

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Latest update is here: Current Blue 2-1 Matter/Thread upgrade - #2 by Eric_Inovelli


Has this happened yet? Also looking to do a whole home upgrade. With the fan switches already being the 24s I’d like to have the option to switch all of them to matter later on.

It has not happened. And the latest information is indicating that MG24 is likely not upgradable to Thread / Matter due to memory limitations as the Matter stack has grown in size.

If you want Thread, your best bet is to buy the white series from the start.

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Seems like I’ve missed something. I thought the white series was on MG24?

The MG24 can do Thread or Zigbee, but (in a nutshell) it now sounds like it has to be loaded with one or the other from the get-go.

The process of an end-user later changing the chip (21 or 24) from ZB to Thread no longer seems possible due to memory constraints involved with making that transition.

Add’l info in the link rohan posted a few posts above.