Where to buy Red Series On/Off Switch (Z-Wave) in Canada?

Subject says it all, anyone know where I can buy a Red Series On/Off Switch (Z-Wave) in Canada?

I see the Dimmers listed on Amazon.ca which is great as I plan on buying those as well but no ON/OFF switches. I started up an order on this site but $20.00 US shipping for one switch is not worth it.



You can find the red switches on Amazon.com. I think the shipping rates to Canada are reasonable.


Thanks for the reply, I was hoping that was the case but unfortunately Amazon.com charges $26.00 vs Inovelli’s already high $20.00 shipping charge for one light switch. Ordering the Switch from Amazon.com or Inovelli comes out to $30+ more than the RED Dimmer that is available on Amazon.ca.

There must be some place in Canada that has reasonable prices on these switches or at least Inovelli should sell the switches along with the Dimmer on Amazon.ca. It’s a shame because I heard good things about this switches and wanted to give them a try.

Sorry about that. I looked up shipping to CA from Amazon.com and it said $4.50. Obviously not . . .:lying_face:

We should be getting more in stock around August in Canada: Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's

As for shipping – yeah, there really isn’t a good way to keep the prices down. I realize the price is high to ship one switch, but I can promise you we’re not making any money on shipping. In fact, many times we lose it when we ship to Canada.

Hopefully once everything is back in stock in Canada, it will be much easier to order.

We’re also working on a separate instance of our website for Canadian’s (inovelli.ca) and it should show a more accurate representation of what’s in stock and also you should be able to be able to take advantage of our sales.

Unfortunately, as of now Red Series are out-of-stock both on Amazon and Inovelli’s website :cry:

Yeah :frowning:

We use Amazon as our fulfillment center, so I’m glad to see the website is syncing properly lol!

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