Which driver? Frustrated, Confused,

I have several (dozen) Inovelli Dimmer Switches. The best I can tell, based on my Amazon purchase order, they are the Dimmer Switch (Red Series) | Gen 2.

I have been using the native S2 drivers in Hubitat, but I am wanting to be able to double-tap and run a scene or something. So…

What driver do I need to download from GitHub?
I currently have the following installed

  • Inovelli Dimmer Red Series LZW31-SN
  • Switch Child Device

However, I can turn the lights on and off but being able to double-tap and run a scene or map the favorite button just doesn’t seem to work.



@kylecm -

sorry, I wasn’t clear. Yes I know the location for the files on GitHub, what I am confused about is which ones do I need to be able to accomplish what I am trying to do.

Ahhhhh so you’ll need to use Inovellis driver. Then use Rule Machine to create your scenes for multi tap and/or notifications.

The above link was for the the Red Series Dimmer (LZW31-SN). That one actually doesn’t have a native Hubitat driver, so you’d definitely need to use Inovelli’s (or someone else’s) if that is what you have. I think Hubitat has support for the Red Switch (LZW30-SN) and the Black switches (LZW-30) and dimmers (LZW-31).

If you’re really not sure about the model number, you can find it printed on the side of the switch if you haven’t put it in the wall yet or could easily access it; otherwise, it should be apparent from the outside if you know whether you bought the Red Series (the ones with scenes and notifications) or Black Series (without — and cheaper). The dimmers have a long, large LED bar that takes up most of the height below the config button, and the switches have a shorter LED bar with lots of space leftover.

Setting up actions for multi-taps, however, is something done entirely outside the driver. On Hubitat, that is the role of an app. As long as the device reports events for these taps, you are good as far as the driver is concerned (check “Logs” in Hubitat when you to double taps, triple taps, etc. to be sure — and possibly to see what real-world actions map to what button events, which I find quite odd in Inovelli’s driver). A built-in choice would be Rule Machine with a “Button Device” trigger, which will present a UI where you can configure each button event. (“Scenes” on the Z-Wave side conventionally get translated to button events in Hubitat, by the way, so that’s what they mean in this context. Hubitat has its own concept of scenes that are entirely different. You do not have to use those here, though you could certainly use a button event to activate a Hubitat scene if you wanted.)

PS - With the current version of Inovelli’s driver, you no longer need the extra “Switch Child Device” driver.