Which Switch do I have?

My switch keeps locking up, and I want to search the community, but I dont know which switch this is. See photo in link

Should say on back (red series or black series) Either lzw30(black series) or lzw30-sn (red series). I know the lzw30-sn had a batch with that date code.

For example

No way to validate without, taking it out of the electrical box? Not to mention there seems to be multiple versions of the Red Series…

What hub are you using? If you’re on smartthings can you post the raw description. That will indicate the device type. HA should auto detect. Not sure about Hubitat

There are two red series. The dimmer and the switch. The dimmer has a much larger led bar. You have the switch.

Black Series

Red Series

Switch on left and dimmer in right. Notice the LED bar difference.

First, thank you for your responses. It looks like the one on the left, I have Homeseer, and it doesnt appear to have a way to show that data…

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with that hub. Do you have to pick a driver when you include a device or does it automatically select something?

It automatically imports its capabilities.

Do you see anything about scene control or power reporting? Those are features of the red series. For example in HA param 11 on a red series is “Periodic Power & Energy Reports”

I believe it to be a red series, but according to my dashboard, this switch does NOT have any power reporting. I see others that do.

Do you mean the capability is there and it’s reporting zero or the capability isn’t there? Also do you know the firmware version?

Thank you for your efforts! I decided to go pull the switch… its a LZ230 On/Off , Now off to find firmware. Thank you again for taking the time!


Firmware on it currently is 1.20

Latest stable is 1.20 and beta is 1.22. I’m running 1.22 on all my switches with any issues.

Pushing that out as we speak. good to know its working for you. This switch is tied to a floodlight in the back yard and when it locks up, its usually on, burning a lot of electricity, unless i can get to the circuit breaker . and when I am not home…

I used to have a switch that did it on an old firmware. I don’t think it’s happened with 1.22. FYI just below the paddle a little left of center is a tab to pull out that cuts power to the switch. If you pull it out and push it back it, it will reboot the switch. No need to walk to the panel.

That would not do the trick, tried that…
However while you are still willing… Did you have to push or pull any buttons to get it to take the firmware? Homeseer is reporting that i may need to push a button to have it accept the firmware.


No button pushes required. Typically only battery powered devices need to be woken to get firmware updates.

Just not my night with this thing. Only bright side, is you providing some insight and help… how long does it take to push firmware?

Typically 5-10 minutes. Depends on the number of devices in the network and distance from the hub.

Oh… Ill give it time then. I assumed to see some progress or “updating” Ill just give it some time