White color on switches different shade

Is it just me, or, is the white on black and red series switches and dimmers vs. fan+light different? Feels like the fan+light is a brighter white.

It’s not just you.

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Yes, this has been a known issue from the beginning. We asked for the “true white” color (ie…the current color on the fan switches) and the project manager at the manuacturer messed it up and it was too late to fix it. They say we have to UL certify and open an entirely new project to fix the color on the dimmer and on/off switches even though it was originally their error. Very frustrating.

I think they are working on it now because we had a big business partner get pretty angry about it. They’ve never listened to us in 2.5 years!

Ah, that makes sense. Just to be sure I understand, the mistake affected the older (non-fan) red and black switches?

Will there be updated paddles available for purchase at some point? I’ve noticed that my switches aren’t quite a perfect color match for my wall plates.

Correct! They were able to make the changes with the 700 series fan switch and then keep trying to tell us that the fan versus the dimmer and on/off switch use a different type of plastic on the paddle so it was going to take more time switch over the dimmers and on/offs to the “true white”. Probably all smoke and mirrors but they haven’t really given us any other option.

There will be paddles available for sale (at a discounted price likely) once we actually receive them. And hopefully moving forward any new switches would be in the true white color. Remains to be seen though! We never know what they will throw at us.

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Gocha, that makes sense, thanks for the update! It’s not horrible for the time being (I’m installing dimmers everywhere at the moment and they met the spouse approval factor even though they don’t quite match the wall plates). That being said, I’d definitely be an eager customer for replacement true white paddles down the road!

Thank you @harjms, @Courtney_Inovelli and @Varjo!

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I know this is an old thread, but I have a question regarding this:

As far as I can tell, this never came to fruition. (At least my batch from last fall are still yellower than the Enbrighten fan switches I have and the Leviton wall plates) However, it seems like the Blue series might better match, correct?

While I think I’d rather wait for more Red Series to be in stock to finish up my home, this does have me wondering: Are the Blue Series switch plates going to be compatible with the Red Series? If so, would replacements for those in white every be available for purchase?

This could be a good way to finally appease those of us who are mildly bothered by the color difference. I mean, I’ll live with it, but I’d rather have a match of course! xD

This is a great question :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no, the new paddles will not be compatible with the old switches. I thought we could get away with it, but since the depth of the Red Series is greater than the depth of the Blue Series, the air-gap switch is incompatible, which makes the rest of the paddle incompatible.

I haven’t tested to see whether or not the fan switch paddle will work yet (the fan switch has about the same depth as the Red Series). I can try to test this tomorrow.

Bump this thread if I don’t respond in a day or so!

Bumping the thread as requested, though a little bit later! xD
I got the last of my existing Reds installed this weekend, so it had me thinking about it again. I definitely look forward to when I’ll be able to get the rest of my switches converted over.