White Series Clarification

This may have already been asked and answered but I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer in the docs or community.

Are the White switches backwards compatible with Zigbee? If so will they be able to support Thread/Zigbee at the same time? Would I be able to connect the White switch to a Matter hub and still bind it to a Zigbee light?

I currently have a large network of Zigbee devices and some Blue switches which utilize direct binding for lights (Hue w/o Hue Hub, Ikea). I am looking to outfit the rest of my house with switches and would like to be as future proof as possible but will still want to support my existing devices.

I’m trying to decide if I should stay with all Blue Series or if White Series will make more sense over time.


No, although a qualifying chip (e.g. MG24) can do either, it can’t do both simultaneously. It can only do one or the other.

It doesn’t sound like the MG24 will be capable of being user-changeable from zigbee → thread, and I’m guessing same is true for other way around.

While the White series devices likely won’t be able to run ZigBee, you could get a ZigBee controller/hub that can do both ZigBee and Thread simultaneously.