White Series LED Color Changes

According to the red-series-vs-blue-series-vs-white-series-which-is-best-for-you The white series switches don’t allow for Hub parameter changes. Is the LED color considered a “parameter”? What is defined as a “hub”? Smart Things type of hub or HA? If not HA how will LED color changes be applied?

EDIT: It’s an endpoint.

The device that you pair the switch to. SmartThings, Hubitat, HA.

My guess is if the hub can’t change the parameter you will change it using a quick tab sequence on the switch.

Well, I guess that chart is outdated or color is not a parameter and HA is not a hub. I just stumbled on a video from Eric Hines showing the color change applied through a phone app as well as activating the LED bar to change color with a notification. Good to see these being done with software.

I believe they are exposing the LED bar as a separate light in matter to work around the issue of parameters not being changeable.

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Yeah, this is one of those vernacular situations where it’s technically not a parameter because it’s not a setting that can be changed easily in Apple Home or HA, but rather, we had to create another endpoint and you have to change the color via a color wheel in the app (or set an automation to trigger the notification).

So, it kind of is like a parameter in that you can change it, however it’s not a traditional parameter in that you can input a value to have it changed, but rather a workaround.

I’ve updated the chart for clarity (thanks for bringing it up!):

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Home Assistant definitely qualifies as a “hub”. It is a full-featured matter controller.

I’m happy to see inovelli using the color cluster for the LED bar, and I actually wish they would do that on zigbee and z-wave too. It would be the difference between “Use your platform’s native color picker” and “go use this random web tool to pick which magic number to enter somewhere custom”. I see the use of the color cluster as a native solution, and the “parameter” implementation we’ve been using for most things so far as the workaround.

Inovelli certainly does offer more functionality than is available in the standard Matter clusters, especially at this early stage. Have you discussed defining custom Matter clusters, like you did for ZigBee? Does Matter prohibit this? I found at least one document saying that you could define custom matter clusters, but it doesn’t seem to be in keeping with the spirit of interoperability.

Maybe the issue is that while you could implement custom Matter clusters, there’s no good way to make the controller aware of them?