Why is scene control disabled with button delay=0?

The Blue 2-1 parameter documentation says:

Parameter 50 - Switch Delay

To adjust the time between when you press the paddle and the light turns on/off, find Parameter 50 and adjust accordingly. A 0 value allows for, “instant on/off” and will turn the light on/off as soon as you let go of the paddle. **Please note that if you set the switch to, “instant on/off” it will disable multi-tap scene control from the paddle (you will still have multi-tap scene control from the config/favorites button).** The default is a 500 millisecond delay.

It appears that setting this parameter to 0 makes the “double-click up to full brightness feature” not work as described here. However, I discovered that if I set the parameter to 1 (100ms delay), then I can still double-click the button slowly (with a delay more than 100ms between presses) and it’s recognized as a double-click. So my question is: can the firmware be adjusted to still allow double-presses of up/down paddles even when the delay is 0, removing this limitation? :pray: If I want to use double-click to go to full brightness, that doesn’t seem like it should require me to delay the lights turning on in the first place on a single press.

And a bonus side note: It looks like there might also be a typo in the documentation — both parameter 54 and 56 are titled “2x Down to Min”, while 53 says “2x up to P55” and 55 says “2x up to P56”. That doesn’t look right :slight_smile: cc @EricM_Inovelli

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I don’t think it’s possible with a 0 delay setting. I believe the switch looks for the “pause” or release between each tap and needs a time delay to differentiate the taps.


That’s kinda my point - it is documented as such, but in reality it doesn’t preclude the switch from recognizing double taps that are slower than the delay setting. For example I believe I am observing that I can set the delay to 100ms, but then double tap with a delay of more than 100ms, and it still works. My request would be that this behavior should also be extended to delay=0. If I set delay=0 and double tap, it should send both a regular single-tap event as well as a double-tap event. This would allow “double tap for full brightness” to be used in tandem with delay=0.

This is not my experience. I get two “single tap” events in a row. Here is a “double tap” about 800 ms apart, exceeding my 300-ms tap interval:

This is the same as two single taps. Here is one single tap for comparison:

And finally, a “real” double tap:

These are logs from Hubitat using a modified driver (not Inovelli’s), but the hub and driver aren’t really important, just the information you see coming into the parse() method here that shows what the device is really sending (or, in a more user-friendly format, the parsed descMap line immediately “after” — these logs go bottom-to-top, by the way).

And the reason that “scene” events don’t happen when the delay is set to 0 is precisely as explained above, because it can’t wait to see what you’re doing, which is the purpose of the delay; it just sends the report immediately.

Back to your actual issue, I find Inovelli’s default delay almost tolerable but think it’s better around 300 ms (not nearly as bad as the 700 ms or so it was on gen 2!); if you’re a fast tapper, even 100 or 200 might work [EDIT: nevermind, I guess those aren’t actually valid, I’m not sure I could tell the difference between them anyway…] and get you the best of both worlds without being too noticeable for single taps.

On the other hand, your kind of double tap is a different beast entirely — sort of “built in” and something that might be able to be separately (you don’t really need the hub to know, the main purpose of the above). Maybe that could be allowed to be configured separately, as confusing as it might be. An interesting idea… :slight_smile:

That is interesting. Here is a video where I show that with the button delay set to 100ms, I am able to double-click the button somewhat slowly (not very slowly, but seemingly longer than 100ms) and the event that comes through is still a double-click, plus the switch goes to full brightness in accordance with my “double click up” parameter settings:

(please ignore the fact that there are 2 button delay settings… that’s another issue entirely)

The audio waveforms from the last double-click in my video show that the two button presses are about 430ms apart (measuring between release #1 and release #2):

The valid range for that parameter is a little different than the others. It is actually 0,3-9. Setting the value to 1 will actually either use the default value or use the last value set . . . I’m not 100% sure. It says 3, but I have never actually verified as it is difficult to measure things in 100ms increments.


I’ll check this out to see if it needs to be updated.

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