Wifi Bulbs and "smart bulb mode" Red Series 2-1

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I’m sure this topic has been tackled a few times but after reading some of the other posts, I still have a couple questions. I have about 12 Philips “wiz” lights that I picked up on a massive sale about a year ago and they work pretty well but of course, I have to keep the switch on for google asst. and home asst. to use them. I’m considering grabbing the Inovelli Red series to start controlling my dumb lights as well as the wifi ones via home asst. and google to make one ecosystem. I know I can purchase zwave bulbs but since I already own the wifi ones, it would be nice to keep them, otherwise its wasted money. Ideally, I would like to be able to use HA, google, and the actual switch without any interruptions.

1.) Does using the red series supply constant signal to the wifi bulb so the bulb stays connected even if the switch is in the “off” position? (Neutral wires are available)

2.) Does this switch fit into a standard Electrical box or will I need to pick up any old work larger boxes to replace the ones that are already in my wall? I’ll be using a combination of 1 switch fixture, 2 gang, and 3 gang.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Yes, this is correct once you enable Smart Bulb Mode.

They should fit in a standard electrical box, but sometimes if there are a ton of wires in there, it can be a pain to shove everything back into the wall. But I’ve definitely installed them in the old, metal boxes at my old house, new boxes at my rental, and now I have standard plastic ones (somewhere in the 80’s) and they fit perfectly.

Just make sure your boxes don’t have a, “mud-ring” on them and you’ll be fine.

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The Smart Bulb Mode on the switch will keep the bulb powered all the time. This also means when it is first enabled, paddle presses are going to have no effect. You will need to use the scene capability of the switch to map paddle presses to automations to turn the bulbs on and off