Will current Inovelli products be upgradable to Z Wave Long range?

I am jumping into more advanced home automation (i.e. switches and sensors beyond my Harmony hubs, Alexa and Ecobee thermostat). I just ordered my first 3 Red dimmers, which have not shipped yet. However, I also just discovered the imminent release of Z Wave long range. Will current Inovelli products be able to take advantage of LR via a software/firmware upgrade?

My understanding is the 700 series devices (Fan/Light Switch and RGB Strip) can be firmware upgraded with support. The 500 series devices (everything else currently) cannot be firmware upgraded with support.

That was my understanding too. So the question is: Are the current Inovelli products (particularly the Red Series dimmers) 700 series devices?

There are a number of “current” products, but the Gen 2 switches and dimmers are 500 series.

You can look up the specs for all devices at https://support.inovelli.com. Search for the model number and “spec” and look at the spec sheet for the model you’re researching.

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So do you have any time line on when the Red dimmer switches will be series 700?

That’s a question Inovelli would have to answer. The 2021 timeline hasn’t been published yet. But watch for it here: https://community.inovelli.com/c/news-updates

Likely Q4 2021 is when we’ll release the 700 Series variant. We’re currently negotiating pricing with our current manufacturer. There seems to be a pricing increase if we go to 700 Series and we believe our 500 Series is already at the top of the pricing tier.