Will there be a white series (matter) fan switch?

I’m planning an install for my condo and I’m going to need two fan switches for the setup. Are there plans for a white series fan switch? If not, it seems like my best bet is to go with the blue series.


There’s not been any announcements about it. My opinion (I don’t work for Inovelli) is that it all depends on how well the current white series thread 2-1 switch does in terms of functionality and sales performance. If they were going to make one, I wouldn’t expect it until end of 2024.

I don’t even think it’s as complicated as making one. The hardware supports matter. The chip is upgradable to matter. It’s really just firmware development and testing. So whether it’s released as a standalone device (ie: white series) or not, the odds are quite good that there will someday be a matter fan switch. Since it’s all mainly firmware development, the number of units to break even would be pretty low.

I’m not 100% sure, but I imagine it would need to be certified and that’s generally an expensive component (second beyond the initial R&D).

Thanks guys. I picked up a blue fan switch and put in an order for some blue light switches.