With scene control can I manipulate/ignore devices hardwired to the switch?

With scene control, is it possible to manipulate the devices directly hardwired to the switch? For example, if I tap the on button once, can it NOT turn on the hardwired ceiling lights that are connected to the switch but turn on the lamps in a room that have been added virtually via Smartthings? Basically will the switch ALWAYS turn on the hardwired lights if you tap the on button, or can you program rules for the hardwired device as well?

Basically I want to tap the dimmer’s on button once to turn on all the lamps in a room at max brightness, but ignore the connected ceiling LED lights (they stay off). Then if I tap the on button twice, I want the hardwired ceiling lights to come on at 50% brightness and the lamps to again come on at max brightness. In another room, I want the dimmer’s on button to turn on everything and for the virtual lamps to share the same brightness level as the real hardwired lights, as set by the dimmer.

Just wondering what’s possible. Thank you!

I can’t speak to how you would do it in Smartthings, but in the Hubitat device handler, there is a ‘Disable local control’ setting. Assuming that setting also exists in ST, you should be able to enable it and treat the paddle inputs, and the device’s output as separate entities in ST. At that point, you could program them to behave however you want, independent of each other.

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The same functionality that @kitt001 describes exists in SmartThings.

I’ve never done this, but theoretically you can disable local control and then put the switch control in the scene. Then map the corresponding button press on the switch to your scene.

In theory, this will prevent the switch from directly controlling the hard wired lights, only allowing control of those lights via the switch controlled by the scene.

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You should be able to do this using the Create “Disable Local Control” Child Device parameter. But in doing so I believe you will loose the ability to dim locally as well.

Your going to have to use WebCore to set the dim value of the other lights to the value of the dimmer, unless you set the dim value for all the lights in your scene.

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Thanks for all the help everyone! :slight_smile:

Let’s say the switch is connected to canned LED lights. If I walk into the room, can I double tap the switch to only turn on the lamps in the room? The lamps are on their own Z-wave plugs via Smartthings. Or would the switch always be turning on the hardwired lights too?

Not sure if I’m just asking the same question over again.

You can definitely set it up that way. I have my bedside lamp to turn on when i double tap up on my main bedroom light switch.