Wiz Light hold to dim with inovelli red switches and Hubitat


I’ve been searching the forums for this issue and although it must be here I haven’t found it. Wiz lights with red switches in smart bulb mode via hubitat.

My switches work well to control on and off. Smart bulb mode, constant power.

I’ve got dimming working with multi tap in 20% increments but it’s clunky and would prefer to use hold to dim if possible. Does anybody have this working?

Also in order to get the fastest response time I really want to disable the delay setting. The response time with that physical delay off is great, even for the wife.

Obviously this would disable any multi tap functionality. BUT would it work with hold to dim? Surely the events required for that wouldn’t require a wait for a second tap? If that works this would be awesome.



This would probably be better handled on the hubitat community page. Does the wiz bulb driver support start level change (up/down) and stop level change?

I have used the switch bindings app to bind the level of my red dimmer with the level of zigbee bulbs that are connected in smart bulb mode… I have some lag, but have found it acceptable for my usage.

thank you. It does and that’s what i’m using. I can see the hold and release event in hubitat but the lights do nothing.

I might post there too thanks

How do the lights respond when you use the start/stop level change from the Wiz driver page? Do they raise and stop when you hit the buttons in hubitat?

What are you using to link the hold/release Dimmer actions to the bulb’s start/stop level change?

hmm. There’s no option to start/stop level change in the device page. Looking through the code there doesn’t appear to be a function in there. set dim levels works. i assumed the function was there because in hubitat when you set an action for a switch you can choose start/stop dimming, and i assumed that was driven from the methods in the driver?

If you don’t have the option for this in the device page, then there would not be a way to implement as you are trying to do.
You should be able to still try the switch binding, which would allow a changed level on the dimmer to be sent to the wiz bulb, not as elegant as true dimming though…

that’s the conclusion i’ve come to now as well. thank you for your help. So how does that work?

I see that I am actually using the app Mirror Me, previously I used switch bindings in a similar manner.
I select the primary device (my red series dimmer) and mirror attributes to the replicated device (wifi bulb).

I’ll give it a try. Are you using wiz bulbs? what’s the response time?

I don’t have wiz bulbs, I have some Shelly’s and they update quickly after I have held my dimmer to set level, but you don’t get much of any response til it releases, which is definitely less intuitive. Minding the dimmer level of the red series bar helps a little.

Last weekend I bought some Philips recessed color lights that use the Wiz lighting app. I have 4 of them being controlled by an older Inovelli dimmer NZW31 w/scenes. What I did was to rewire the dimmer so that the lights always have power. I did this by moving the black “load” wire so that both black wires are connected to “line”. Then in Hubitat, I created a Mirror where the dimmer was the master to my 4 wiz lights. Also in Hubitat, I added 2 basic rules for single tap. The first basic rule “tap 1 down” will check if button 1 was held for the inovelli dimmer and turn off the wiz lights. The other basic rule “tap 1 up” will check if button 1 was pushed for the dimmer and turns on the wiz lights.

With this setup, the wiz app is updated with on/off as well as in Hubitat for the on/off status of the dimmer. This setup is in my daughter’s room and she hasn’t complained.

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