WIZ Light Support?

Hello I am interested in your experience so far with the WIZ lights. I am about to make an investment in WIZ color downlights (so far I like the sample units). I have Smartthings and I can control there just fine. My concern (and why I am here) is I’d like to use a dimmer switch to control one or more WIZ color down lights. As I understand it, the Series Red Switch should be able to control power to the WIZ lights as well as dimmer functionality through SmartTHings? Does it really work? Is there much of a lag?

I’ll answer my own question :slight_smile:
Yes, both black and red series work well with WIZ lights. Both the b k ack and red series can disable local control to prevent cutting power, and also there’s a smart bulb mode.

I was obsessed with dimming but honestly I don’t dim as much as I thought I would. However with red series you can define different dim levels and assign to scenes and activate those levels with scenes association.

I think basic scene association is coming soon to black series. I tested the beta and it kinda works.

Bottom line these are good switches for wiz bulbs IMO.

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To expand on my quest to control my Philips wiz lights (for which I have a ton of them now). I now have dimming from a physical (as well as logical) black series dimmer (firmware 1.52 and DTH 09-09-21) working via a SmartThings WebCore piston. In SmartBulb mode and ramp rate for dimming set to 2 (this provides enough of a real-timeness to dimming changes) on the switch, my piston grabs the dimming level of the switch and then set the dim level of a group of 4 wiz lights to match. With basic scene control now in the black series, I coded up the 1x tap up to go to 100% and turn on the bulbs and 1x tap down to turn off the bulbs. So I can do (relatively, about a .25-.5s delay) instant on/off and dimming. Oh and dimming works from my GE aux switch as well as it’s all in a 3 way.

I love that my black series dimmer led bar moves with the dim level of my lights.

Pretty cool stuff. Interestingly it’s taken me almost year to get to this point (from my original post) and answer my own questions :slight_smile:

i know the whole smart bulb and smart switch what can/can’t you do comes up a lot and I know particuarly for the Wiz Bulbs (I’m a Philips Hue convert) comes up a lot on other forums. Hopefully this helps someone else. I plan to try this on my Red Series Dimmer and see what happens.

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Hi there, just came across your post and it’s relevant to an issue I’m having.
I’m moving from Smartthings (ST) to Home Assistant (HA) and in the process picked up a few WIZ lights and a Red dimmer. I have the lights and dimmer working in HA and can turn the lights on/off with an up/down paddle press. I cannot figure out how to get paddle hold dimming to work. I know I can set dimming percentages to multiple paddle presses but I’d prefer to get proper dimming to work. Any idea how to get your ST solution to work in HA?..thanks!