Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Phoenix

That is something I implemented in the Hubitat driver for the Blue 2-in-1 called “Quick Start”. It could possibly be added to the Phoenix driver, but it would be better if it was implemented in the device firmware so it wouldn’t have to be written into every different device driver for every different hub platform

The name was inspired by the Quick Start feature of the Blue Fan switch which does a similar thing by starting the fan motor at full power and then slowing down to the desired speed

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Sounds like fun!!

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I can definitely assist in beta testing!

Looking forward to seeing these come back. And willing to help if you need a beta tester (especially for some LZW36).

We have a new approach to it that we’re RFP’ing.

Direct integration with the Canopy is a minor Grail. Deliverable Q2 '23, or is that a pipedream?

I <3 the LZW36 I have in the Den, but I’ve been scared to move it to the Nursery since it’s finally stable/reliable. Kiddo is now 16 mos - what are the odds I can finish the fans before he goes to college? :wink:

Definitely the holy grail here as my keypadlincs and fanlincs have just started dying and I have no good alternative at the moment. If there’s a beta test for those I would be interested as well

Will this be the same dimming tech as the Blue Dimmer? I’m asking as i have a LED fixture that flicker with the Blue/Red/Black dimmers. And would love to replace that last dumb dimmer in the house.

Yeah, this will be using the same dimming technology as the Blue Series. What fixture do you have? We’re looking at a couple ways to get better compatibility, but it unfortunately can’t be a hardware fix.

This is the problematic fixture : Chandelier TALEA CREATION NOVA | Multi Lighting

Some more information in this thread, Troubles dimming with Blue Series a Led light - Switches / General Discussion - Inovelli Community.

If you need a new beta tester, please consider me. As a programmer myself I would be able to bring a methodical and thorough approach to testing and bug reporting.

I would offer to be a beta tester also, possibly my hardware engineering experience could be of use.

My reply is buried behind the other willing beta testers…but I would toss my name in the ring as well. Regardless, I’m super hyped about this project. Since the blue series 2-1 announced, this z-wave version was an obvious next step…and I look forward to the day that 100% of my switches are Red/Blue 2-1s (excluding ceiling fans and other specialized situations for which I also await Inovelli products :rofl:).