Troubles dimming with Blue Series a Led light

So, i installed two of my three new blue dimmers today, but i’m having troubles with dimming with one of the fixture. When operating in on/off, it work, but as soon as i try to set it as a dimmer, it flicker as crazy.

I tried all rampup, quickstart, min/max level, nothing seem to fix this issue. It flicker even at 80% so i don’t think it’s min releated.

So is it that my fixture is not compatible with this switch? or faulty switch?

And any idea how it could be fixed. If it does not work, it will be the only switch in the house that is not inovelli (others are mix of red, black, light&fan, even gen1)

Here is a short video of flickering, not sure if it show correctly, but it’s unusable as a dimmer as it is.

Please post a link to the fixture.

Sorry, I knew I forgot something.

Here it is

Did you update firmware?

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2.08 is the latest

Quick and easy test on if it’s the fixture or the switch is take one of the other 3 blues that you know is working and swap it into that location. If it still flickers it’s the fixture. If it doesn’t, put the flickering blue somewhere you know the fixture is good and see if you get a flicker there.

My suspicion would be the fixture. The product page specifically mentions CL Dimmers, which is not a standard dimmer switch. Somebody with more knowledge on different types of dimmers may be able to jump in here to provide more insight on how a CL dimmer works compared to a standard dimmer and how the blues would handle that.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Haven’t updated firmware. I’ll try that tomorrow before trying with another dimmer.

Right now on my phone, and a quick search haven’t returned how to update the firmware from Hubitat. I’ll search tomorrow from the computer.

Go to the Device page and select the 2N1 you want to update. Scroll down a little bit and double click the Update firmware button. Watch the dimmer / logs to ensure complete update.

Wow, that a lot easier than I thought. But still flicker with 2.08. I will try with swapping with another blue later today.

If it’s the fixture, would a red dimmer work instead?

Possibly just because it’s a different manufacturer/components, but they’re both MOSFET based so you may have similar results.

Maybe I missed it, but does the switch have neutral?

Yes, it has neutral.

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You could try swapping to a red if you have one. Won’t hurt to try.

Well, final investigation point to the fixture itself being not compatible with the Inovelli dimmers.

Tried another blue and a red, and both where still flickering when dimming.

I’ll keep it as a switch for now :frowning:

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.


Yea unfortunately not all result in a great outcome. Harder when fixtures have integrated LEDs.