Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch vs Z-WaveJS

Hi folks,
I just received my z-wave 800 Series 2-1 switches and included them in my network.
It is working but Z-WaveJS is not recognizing the product so all parameters have no metadata which makes it difficult to configure.
I already tried to remove and include again, no success.

This is what Z-WaveJS recognizes as Manufacturer/product/product code:
Inovelli 0x0015 Unknown product 0x0001

FW: v1.0.0
SDK: v7.18.1

Any ideas?
(I am not a beginner, all my other 30 on/off and dimmer from inovelli are working fine).

What version of Z-Wave JS are you running? Support for this switch was merged in about 3 months ago.

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That fixed it!
Thank you.