Z-Wave 800 Series Smart Bulb Setting and Home Assistant

I recently installed a Z-Wave 800 Red 2-1 Series switch. I’m looking for information on how to setup the switch in Smart Bulb mode as a dimmer. I use Home Assistant, Zwave JS and Node Red. I see there is an option in ZWave JS to enable Smart Bulb mode. The Dimmer option is enable. If I enable that option will I be able to dim the smart bulbs by holding down the switch? Turn on/off the lights by tapping the switch? How would I associate the switch to the bulbs?

Also, is there a list of settings with a description as to what they do for this switch? I may have missed it . There are a lot of options on this switch and I don’t know what they all do.

Others will be able to help out with the smart bulb stuff, but I can point you to this resource here, which describes the various parameters.

The Home Assistance device page now allows configuration of the parameters. I prefer this layout over ZWave JS UI. Hit he Configure button on the Device page.


When you turn on the Smart Bulb Mode (which is proper when smart bulbs are the wired load) the switch will constantly put out full power so that the bulb remains properly powered.

To control the bulbs you have two options:

The first is to use Zwave association. This will allow you to turn the bulb(s) on and off and to use the dim function of the paddle. However, since this is a Zwave switch, the bulb(s) must also be Zwave.

The second option is to use scenes. This will allow you to turn the bulb(s) on and off. You won’t be able to dim using the paddle, but you can set the bulb(s) to varied dim levels using multi-taps.

Edit: with HA, you can send a new level to the bulb(s) via paddle presses, but the bulbs will not dim in the traditional way a dimmer works. They will simply change to a new level after you stop pressing the paddle. To me, that is a scene sort of thing.

Here is the link for the manual. There is a link in the manual for the parameters, which are on Github, but that link is broken. Use the link below the manual to access that list directly.

Yes, you can. The internal dimmer still causes the LED strip to show the dimming and it still reports a 0-99 level. So, you just send the new level to the bulbs any time the dimmer level changes. For example, when you detect a hold down tell the bulb to start dimming. When you detect the button release, set the bulb to the final level the dimmer reports.

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Would the lights dim in real time as your adjusting them or just change when you release the button?

You can have them adjust in real time.

Has anyone “associated” their 2/1 with LZW42 bulbs? From the looks of it, and I am new to this with Z-wave, that we can’t because they need to be the same security?

Just curious if anyone had success.

I was able to associate them but I had to downgrade the switch to no security. I couldn’t get the dimming association group to work but I was able to get on/off to work.

Would you be able to provide an example of this, I was hoping to accomplish this as the z-wave association with my bulbs didn’t work for dimming.

You have to associate the level group between the two. You might only be associating on/off.

I’m away from home, but I think you have to associate groups 2, 3, and 4 I believe:

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I tried associating 2, 3 and 4 but for some reason my on/off stopped working. If I only have group 2 enabled that works, but the LED bar doesn’t sync with the status of the lights if I turn the lights on directly with HA or my voice assistant

Try only 3 and 4. 3 should have on/off status with it.

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Thanks will try that out

That did the trick! Thank you so much

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