Z-Wave association not working on HE between two LZW30-SN switches

I have 2 LZW30-SN on/off switches in a 3-way setup. Wiring is fine, but I can’t get the Z-Wave association between the non-load switch and the load switch to work. I have several other 3-way switches set up (on/off and dimmer), but I can’t get this last one to work. What steps can I take to troubleshoot the Z-Wave connection? I can see the on/off signals in the Hubitat logs, but the corresponding action never takes place on the load switch. I have tried deleting and recreating the association, removing and re-adding the switches to the z-wave network, nothing seems to work.

Association setup:
Source: non-load switch
Destination: load switch
Group: 2

On the non-load switch set param 4 (association behavior) to 11. You should also set the association in both directions.

@stu1811 I will do that, but I’m trying to get the one-way association working first.