Z-Wave Flickering

When I get a power surge or electricity goes out (happens more than you would expect in my neighborhood) the lights flicker and I have to pull out that air gap tab to get the lights to stop.

I’m considering changing out a lot of my other switches with Inovelli since I like them better. They’re not the new version. Is this flickering thing going to be an ongoing problem? It’s kind of a pain to go around to all of the switches and perform that fix.

Do the zigbee switches do the same thing?

Unfortunately, with surges, brownouts and power failures, all bets are off. I’m not sure if anyone will be able to tell you that Zigbee would be better than Z-Wave in that regard.

I would consider getting a whole house surge protector installed. Surges, brown outs and power failures are notorious for killing smart switches. Well it seems to happen more with a different brand of smart switch, Inovelli switches are not immune.

As a suggestion, depending upon what’s on the branch circuit, you could flip the breakers instead of individual air gaps. That accomplishes the same thing.


My GE Enbrighten zwave switches used to fail upon power outage — with each power outage I might lose one switch, and they were toast for good. Was super frustrating.