ZHA vs Zigbee2MQTT Experiences with Blue Switches

Hello! Still waiting on my replacement blues so I’ve had too much time to overthink my future setup.

I have a fairly new/small (3 climate sensors and 1 button) zigbee network set up with ZHA. I’ve been debating if I want to switch over to Zigbee2MQTT (mainly to expose “tilt” in an Aqara vibration sensor), but it seems like I’ve seen more issues with Z2M in this forum than with ZHA. I’m not sure if there are more people using Z2M causing sampling bias.

So, what’s your experience with ZHA/Z2M with the blues? Would there be any benefit to restarting & changing my current zigbee setup?

I noticed nobody ever responded to you. Did you ever find out more information about this that was useful? What did you ultimately end up doing?

There’s really no right or wrong answer here.
ZHA = native to HA
Zigbee2MQTT = more compatibility with a wider range of devices/features

There’s a case to be made for running native vs a third party addon. There’s also a case to be made for better and faster support for devices.

For the blue specifically, it’s been thoroughly tested and works great on both. If it’s specifically related to Aqara devices as in the OP, my opinion is Z2M supports Aqara devices better.