Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

I’m in Jersey and have a 10pk on pre order. Can I just swing by the docks and pick them up?

Possibly, I’ll have to check with the company fulfilling them. How close are you to Iselin?


Hah! I was only kidding, but I’m about 30 minutes away and will clear my schedule if I can actually go grab them.

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Quick q -
Reviewing Smartthings installations instructions, for parameters the guide is recommending to still use device handlers as Edge drivers are in Beta, but guide also mentions device handlers cannot be installed after Oct 15. So are Edge drivers now fully supporting all features? Thanks

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Shoot, sorry - I updated the top portion last night (Pre-Requisite) but didn’t realize the parameter section still had the old data.

I’ll update it tomorrow, but we’re recommending using Edge Drivers as they will support everything :slight_smile:

If you do wanna pick up mine? I’m probably near you :slight_smile:

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If it’s possible that I can pick mine up and we’re able to coordinate something that’s no problem

Well unfortunately there can’t be any local pickups. I just checked and they said that their insurance policy does not cover local pickups :confused:

The world we live in…

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No worries. Thanks for looking into it though.

@Eric_Inovelli if you post the tracking # for the bulk shipment to NJ, I bet you we could set a record for the most-tracked shipment ever!


How is the second batch timing looking? Is December still likely? Might it be sooner, or is December the earliest possible?


@Eric_Inovelli just wanted to follow up and see if you received an answer from the manufacturer on this? Thanks so much for all your hard work on this project!

Oh yeah my bad, thanks for following up.

Yes, these are rated for 150W CFL, so you should be good. Silly me didn’t realize CFL was florescent!

Are you referring to traditional fluorescent lights with ballasts, or CFLs? Eric’s response was for CFLs, but I’m thinking you were referring to fixtures with ballasts.

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Yeah it was in reference to the tube type of fluorescent lights, the traditional ones. Not sure if all have ballasts or not so that’s why I was wondering if it would work.

I haven’t heard anything otherwise, so I’m assuming everything is on schedule.

I should know more next week as I think the manufacturer had some sort of holiday this week and next week we have our standing bi-weekly call.

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Ok sorry for the confusion. I just asked for clarity from the manufacturer. I should hear back early next week!

I don’t think it will be an issue in on/off mode, but I’ll confirm for you.

No worries! I appreciate you checking it out!

Update: Switches should be arriving at the distribution center tomorrow or Monday!

If you’ve moved since your purchase and need to change your address, please shoot me a PM so I can let the team know.

Looks like they should all be shipping out next week!


Great news! I have 80 ordered to install in our new construction and the electricians start their finish work 2 weeks from today. Super glad to hear this!