Blue 2-1 Questions - On/Off w/o neutral, and fluorescent lights

The Blue 2 in 1 switch supports no-neutral wire installs, and it can work in on/off mode, but can it work in on/off mode without a neutral wire?
I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask since I don’t see anything in the manual one way or the other.

Also, @Eric_Inovelli I know that you were looking into whether these switches were supported for use with fluorescent lights (the traditional style with 4’ long tubes). Did you ever get an answer on that?


Great question, yes the switch can work w/out a neutral in on/off mode. It’s more of a simulated on/off though, where the switch only turns on and off (ie: 0 or 100%) and is locked out of any dimming function. Pretty much like our Red Series, except there are more checks and balances to ensure it doesn’t go into dimming mode by accident.

If you want a, “hard” on/off (ie: you hear the relay click), you will need the neutral wire.

Hope that makes sense?

No, thanks for the reminder. @Darwyn_Inovelli – can you answer this? I tagged you in Teams about it a while ago, but then we got side-tracked with some other issues.

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Edit: Looks like my question has largely been addressed below: 2-1 Switch in non-neutral-wire

Apologies if this is hijacking OPs post. My situation seems somewhat similar as I’m trying to understand how a non-neutral setup will work. Please delete if not allowed.

@Eric_Inovelli - I have an LED light above my kitchen sink that is dimmable (linked below). However the current single pole switch is just on/off and doesn’t have a neutral.

If I used a bypass with the switch what would I be able to do with the light switch/light - On/off (simulated on/off vs hard on/off) or dim? Will the light bar light up and will the unit act as a repeater?

I purchased an aeotec bypass several months ago after reading into the manual but wanted to just confirm what my expected result should be once done.


Here’s the dimmable light I have:

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Great question!

It can be used as a dimmer w/out a neutral or if you want it to be on/off, you can set it to be a, “soft” on/off. Either way you should be good w/the bypass installed at the light :slight_smile:

Nudge @Eric_Inovelli & @Darwyn_Inovelli . . .

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Bumping this old thread, I just tried installing a new Blue series switch (recently RMAed) on some fluorescent work lighting without a neutral. One set of lights started fluctuating in intensity and the switch got quite warm. I swapped this back out for a dumb switch. Looks like these are not compatible with fluorescents.

That is correct. Fluorescent bulbs typically use ballasts which are inductive. The Blue 2in1, at the present, is not suitable for an inductive load.