Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

Yes! The electrician is supposed to start working on my house on the 18th. Cutting it close but it sounds like it is going to work out just fine.

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I’m excited these are coming soon! As it so happens two of my Ikea tradfri ZigBee repeaters just broke. I have a bunch of aqara temp and water sensors and they only seem to work with some repeaters. Does anyone know if these switches will act as repeaters for the aqara ZigBee sensors? I’d love to be able to use my switches and not have to get new IKEA ones.


@chack has been using a few contact sensors with them, and he is happy with performance.

@Eric_Inovelli also ordered a variety of Aqara sensors, but I’m not sure if he had the chance to test them yet. I don’t expect any major issues tho, as the contact sensors are working as expected.

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Anyone have a recommendation for a Zigbee USB stick that works well with Inovelli switches? Ideally with Home Assistant running on Unraid via Docker?

I’ve had a good experience with tubeszb. Lots of options including poe



Conbee II or the new Sonoff one


I have the sonoff. Works great.


I’m Tube of TubesZB, and can answer any questions about my devices, feel free to DM.

Excited to get these switches into my own house!!


Just as a note, as these sound like they will be arriving soon, it doesn’t look like the device drivers for Hubitat are up on GitHub or in Hubitat Package Manager yet. Went to go see if I could prepare ahead of time and install the driver and found they weren’t there yet.


@EricM_Inovelli - just tagging you for reference.


Since we didn’t get a celebratory post from your Friday I assume these are coming in today? :grin:

Hopefully! That’s what was told to me last week. I haven’t heard anything yet, but the day is still young :slight_smile:


I can also stand behind his great products. Very happy with my USB stick.


Just posted the driver to our Github and added it to Package Manager.

Thanks to all those in the Beta team that helped with it. Especially @mamber who really did a great job with all of the enhancements. Thanks!


Thank you @EricM_Inovelli and @mamber – much appreciated!!


Hello, question about this 2-1 switch.
I know red dimmer series are not compatible with my current lights Sea Gull 14701S-15
I have around 30 of this around my home, and 6 different swiches controlling them, (so replacing would be expensive)

I has a problem with lutron dimmer switches , where the light won’t completely turn off. So I guess inovelli dimmer would have the same isssue.
However Lutron normal switches (on/off) works well.

Because this blue series is 2 in 1
Should I expect It would work correctly?

I ordered 2 a couple of months ago and I’m exited to try them. I haven’t ordered more because I want to know if it will work or not.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Ah the ol’ Sea Gull lights. I remember these being really popular and I believe I have some around the office. I can test them tomorrow if I do.

If I don’t, I’ll try to see if I can pick some up.

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If not, no worries I can be the one who tries them out when they arrive haha, and just order more if they work :crossed_fingers:t3:

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My Nortek HUZBZBZBZB-01 or whatever combo stick has been working flawlessly for years with this exact setup. I did recently move to a VM with HAOS though, seemed to work more smoothly and WAY faster since I run from SSD image.

It is 500 series z-wave though…

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Project update: Switches are arriving today at the fulfillment center and depending on when they come, they should be shipping them out today in batches.

USA: I highly doubt everyone’s will be shipped today, but they should all be shipped by tomorrow.

CANADA: We’re shipping these to Aartech to be fulfilled there. This should save any hassles with Canadian customs and relieve you of any worries of paying any fees. I believe you will receive your tracking number from Aartech, but I need to double check.

Looking forward to hearing how everyone likes them!