Zigbee Association vs Zigbee Bridge

I am using the new blue switches to control zigbee rgbw can lights in the ceiling. I did setup the association between the switch and the 4 lights and works good. However, when I use the switch to turn on the lights off, single press on the bottom paddle it doesn’t seem to notify the bridge, Hubitat, that it turned off the lights via the zigbee association. So, Hubitat still show the rgbw lights as on and should be on. I originally had the red switches, which would have the bridge turn on or off the lights. I was using the Hubitat button controller to perform the actions. However, with zigbee association setup, I removed the single button / tap from the button controller app. The double and triple taps on the top work as expected. It seems the none of the zigbee devices, the switch or lights, are updating the bridge of their new configuration. Which in turn doesn’t update the Homekit to show the lights have been turned off.

I guess I could re-enable the single taps on the button controller app to turn on and off the lights in addition to zigbee association. Will that cause any weird issues? Is there a way with the switch driver to have hubitat refresh zigbee lights via their network / device id? Any other solutions?

This is likely a firmware issue in the can lights you’re using. If you’ve setup binding (association is zwave) between the switch and the lights and the lights are turning on/off/dimming properly from the switch, then your binding is setup properly.

There was a fw issue in one of the early fw versions for the blue switch that if you controlled it via a zigbee command, it wouldn’t update it’s status to the controller. This is because the endpoint receiving the command wasn’t bound to the controller so the state never updated. It was fixed in a fw update, but the temporary solution was to manually bind that endpoint with the controller. It’s likely the exact same type of thing here and possibly a similar solution.

To add to the above, what drivers are you using for the bulbs on Hubitat? IIRC, the “Advanced Zigbee…” bulb drivers don’t like to be used with bindings and won’t get updates to the hub; the “Generic Zigbee…” drivers should work better for that.

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I have used both Advanced and Generic Zigbee RGBW drivers and both behaved the same. Using the Zigbee binding method only, it does not update Hubitat. Now this could be a problem with the can lights themselves not sending out an update if something has changed and not so much with the switch itself.

The cans I have are generic Sylvania Zigbee RGBW lights. Hubitat reports the manufacturer as LEDVANCE and model as RT RGBW.

Does hubitat show you what’s bound to the coordinator?

Something along the lines of this

Also curious… If you dim the lights using the binding, does Hubitat report the new brightness level?



Hubitat filters both the unicast and the broadcast type Zigbee groups messages. The coordinator itself can not be added to a Zigbee group (like in ST or Z2M).