ZigBee binding under cabinet lighting code compliance

I have under cabinet lighting that is an inductive load with a 12v transformer to led lighting. I know the 2-1 can’t handle that but I was wondering if I would be code compliant if I ran both the mains and load into the mains terminal on the switch (making it so the switch could not control the load) and then use ZigBee binding to turn the LEDs on/off via their controller? I’m in the usa

You would wire line, neutral and ground to the 2-1. Then use bindings to control the lights.


Right but my question isn’t so much can I, the question is would I still be up to code?

@Bry or @harjms are more knowledgeable but I would say yes up to code.

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If it’s questionable, I’d put those 2 into a pigtail/wago and run a third wire back to the switch. Then the transformer wire isn’t even touching the switch.


I can’t think of anything in the NEC that prohibits that. Of course, your local AHJ may trump that. But as @MRobi pointed out, you can bundle a pigtail instead.

There is a thing that relates to daisy chaining outlets (as opposed to pigtailing) that some inspectors don’t like. If you pigtail, then a failure of one outlet won’t affect the rest. I realize we’re talking a switch and transformer, but it’s sort of the same thing. Depends upon your inspector, I suppose.

But the bottom line is that the switch isn’t supporting the load and pigtailing/daisy chaining are electrically the same.