Zigbee Blue equivalent to LZW36?

I have wanted to get a hold of an LZW36 for quite some time, but they are all gone… I understand the supply chain issues, but was wondering if/when Inovelli would produce the equivalent in a Blue series (Zigbee). I have a fan/light inside the house in the entrance area that only has 1 wire to it from the switch, the LZW36 would be a perfect option to drive light vs fan. I would use it with my HE for control, and have it compliment the turning on of the entrance light when the front door is unlocked or motion at the entrance area (based on time of day).

Does anyone know where I can get an LZW36 or if Inovelli is creating an equivalent (eg VZM36 ?)


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Eric talked about it some here, but I believe the plan moving forward is a dual-switch that would be usable like the LZW36 with a canopy module or just to control 2 separate loads. Based on other random threads, I think they’d start with Zigbee and then plan on a Zwave equivalent (ie, 2-1 Blue having just recently launched and then the 2-1 800 Series Zwave project thread).