Zigbee Fan Canopy Module | Project Cheryl

I theory you should not have to do the unbind anymore with this fix.


@alexrmay91 I am not seeing this behavior either. I will also add a module to HA and report back ( I will test on HA Green and Raspberry PI HA install) What hardware HA are you running?

@Lance_Inovelli I think others have found the root cause above, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m running HA supervised on a proxmox VM on a mini PC.

I’m out of town, so unable to test. I had tried your fix in a custom converter though and it resolved the issue. Looking forward to seeing this in production when I get back. Thanks!

I re-bound level control after updating and it seems like the problem has gone away! Thank you for the hard work!


That is great. Thanks for checking!

Asking because it’s hard to tell with a ceiling fan… but if I set the MaximumLevel 2 setting lower than max, will it scale the fan speed like a light? Or does it still set the fan to 33, 66, 100 of its normal power settings?

I’m not sure to be honest. I think it eliminates fan speeds. Like, if you set the max level to 75% I think that limits your speeds to low and medium. Since the device just has a couple capacitors that toggle on and off there really isn’t as much variability of output as the % level makes it seem.

That makes sense, thanks. I did set my max to 200 and high felt the same as before, so maybe it just has no effect. Or maybe it rounds up.