Zigbee Fan Switch still shows as a Dimmer in ZHA

With the 2023.12.0 release of Home Assistant, there are even more dimming related attributes that don’t do anything, and the fan still shows up as a dimmer.

This is very frustrating because all sorts of strange things happen, like if you had an automation that turns on a whole room of lights, it would also turn the fan on to full blast. So like the sun goes down and all of your papers blow away. :slight_smile:

Voice integrations for turn on a fan don’t work, because it’s a dimmer.

There’s a lot of silly workarounds like using a custom quirk or using the “change type of a switch” helper or putting the fans in a different area so they I don’t have to rewrite my lighting automations, but I would really love it if the fan was a fan.

I’m considering writing a custom zha quirk that drops all dimming stuff and exposes a three speed fan, but I think it’d be way better if the official one showed up correctly.


I installed beta firmware and wrote a custom quirk, and it’s working okay as a fan entity. It looks like the official quirk is getting fixed, so probably better to just wait for that. :heart: