Zigbee light/fan switch?

I’ve already got a bunch of 2-1 Blue switches on order. I’m also looking forward to the dedicated Fan switches coming out so I can pre-order them.

However, I have a few places in my house that have the fan and light currently being controlled in a 1-gang box. I could obviously get an electrician to split them into 2-gangs, but that seems unnecessary.

I wanted to know when the equivalent of Red Series Fan/Light Switch (Z-Wave) – Inovelli (LZW36, the dimmer and fan switch in a single gang, half height each) is expected to enter development (and ideally production) for the blue line?

I’ve seen the road map from a while back, but that’s completely shot. And while I’ve seen topics on project Zephyr (fan only) and Linus (2-1 + motion detection), nothing about this switch.



If you have 3 wires running to the gang box you can always wire up the light to be always on and then use a smart bulb(s) in the fan and control it with a hub or scenes. I know Eric mentioned that it was going to be hard enough to get enough pre-orders to make the blue fan switch viable, so I don’t know how difficult it would be for the dual blue fan switch.

That doesn’t help me with having two physical buttons (one for the fan, one the light) in a 1-gang space (where right now I have a dual slider - one for fan, one for light). The LZW36 is a direct replacement for the fan/light slider (eg. https://smile.amazon.com/ENERLITES-Ceiling-Incandescent-Required-17001-F3-W/dp/B07MHJFRVZ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=fan+light+slider). But it works of Z-wave. And when I moved, I decided to ditch Z-wave for Zigbee, and I don’t want both in the house.

Not to mention - that many fans these days don’t actually allow for a smart bulb - they come with LED circular plates that are directly controlled, not replaceable bulbs.

Yes, the number of these I need is small, only 4, and that’s likely the same for everyone (unlike the 2-1 switches) - but that’s the same for fan-only switches, and most everything not a 2-1 switch. That said, he could do an initial run without likely immediately running out of stock and going back to pre-order if he made them. And sell the initial run over time (also presumably like the fan switches).