Zigbee2mqtt Support for the Blue Fan Controller (VZM35-SN)


I got my first VZM35-SN today and quickly rushed to install it. :slight_smile:

It’s showing up as unsupported in zigbee2mqtt. I re-pulled the container to make sure I have the latest code, but it’s still not showing up as supported. (Nor is it on the zigbee2mqtt website as supported.)

Any idea when support might get added? I know this is a brand new product. :slight_smile:


Support was just merged in today:

You should be able to see those changes in the dev build today. The maintainer of Z2M usually cuts a production release at the beginning of each month otherwise, so you can use the external converter if you don’t want to move to the dev build.

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Ah, nice!

Do you know the tag to use for the dev version?


Never mind, I found it in the docs! Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi there. Apologies in advance for being a noob with zigbee2mqttt. I finally received the fan switch and got the fist one installed only to find out it wasn’t yet supported. I saw the zigbee-herdsman-converters link in a previous comment. I’m using Home Assistant running on a Windows machine via VirtualBox.

If I understood the previous comment correctly, I can wait until the beginning of Nov for a z2m update. But is there a way to do some sort of manual update without having to wait?

Thanks in advance!

You can also use z2m edge

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Just got on for this very same thing - awesome to hear a fix is already coming down the pipe!!