(Zwave 1.4) Dimmer Support in HomeAssistant?


I just got a shipping notification for my dimmers and I’m very excited!

I noticed that you guys have support for the new switches here, any chance to get the dimmers added too?

HA is a little behind in integrating these, but I can always manually copy the config files from here to get the latest device support.

@Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli - @natemate Brings up a great point. Have you released the latest Hubitat, HA, ST, etc… drivers for the new dimmers?

Great question – I know we have Hubitat’s and ST’s Drivers/Handlers made, but I don’t think they were published yet.

I’ll let @EricM_Inovelli answer on HA.

Either way, game time!

The config files for open-zwave based hubs has been posted. We’ll work on getting these committed into the open-zwave repository, but for those that want to use them manually, they are there.


@EricM_Inovelli .
Can you arrange to send the dimmer info to the OpenHab Zwave developer (Chris) so that the new dimmers get into their Java-based Zwave device database used in OpenHab:

Are these OZW1.4 config files for HomeAssistant? Do you have those available? HASS is apprently stuck at 1.4 for foreseable future??

Just a heads up, the master branch of OpenZWave is for OpenZWave 1.6 and Home Assistant is still on OpenZWave 1.4. There’s an effort underway to get Home Assistant on OpenZWave 1.6 but my guess is it will be the end of the year before Home Assistant’s updated to 1.6. My understanding is 1.6 config files are not compatible with 1.4.


Thanks for this. @EricM_Inovelli, any chance for 1.4 config files? I try to stay away from HA upgrades for as long as I can since I have a working set up and no desire to upgrade.

You can create support yourself in the short term by doing the following:

  1. Shutdown Homeassistant.

  2. Download the ‘config’ directory from the open zwave github. It just needs to be the [1.4 branch version]. And put it somewhere your Homeassistant can access it.

  3. Place these new files in the inovelli directory inside the config directroy. Download them/copy them from here.

  4. In the ozwave config directory edit the manufacturer_specific.xml to include the following xml after the entry for innovelli.

< Manufacturer id=“0312” name=“Invoelli”>


 <Manufacturer id="031E" name="Inovelli">
    <Product type="0002" id="0001" name="LZW30-SN Switch Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw30-sn.
    <Product type="0001" id="0001" name="LZW31-SN Dimmer Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw31-sn.xml"/>
  1. In your configuration.xml add the config parmater to your

    config_path: < path to ozwave config >

  2. Pray

You should now, in theory be able to remove your node from the zwave network (if you already added it.) And re-include the node. If you haven’t added the node yet, you should just be able to include it.


So it does look like those config files will work with 1.4. That is good to know.

@cba123 I’m working on getting the xml files & info for Chris this week. Hopefully I’ll have some good luck getting these things integrated into OpenHAB.

Is there any update on getting the config file into the OpenZWave? I just got my dimmers but cant fully utilize them because home assistant doesn’t recognize the dimmers correctly.

@datzent83 - Use the process outlined by @Knoxie89 above. It’s an issue on HA’s end, not Inovelli. Home Assistant hasn’t updated their OZW version, and it sounds like it’s going to be a while still.

I have access to all listed parameters currently after following the process.

@EricM_Inovelli Thanks, I saw the Red dimmer is in the database, but the Black dimmer hasn’t been added yet. Did you submit for both?

I am in no rush since I am in Canada and the dimmers still aren’t available to us yet, so I am sure someone in the US will get this sorted out and working before then. The switches were probably added by someone in the US since it was there before Canada could order those on amazon.ca and I don’t think you knew that OpenHab was not based on OpenZwave yet.

Good news in Home Assistant’s State of the Union



We’ve been working with the Open Z-Wave developers on a new solution that will allow us to migrate to the new Open Z-Wave 1.6 relase and make it easier to stay up to date in the future.

We’re expecting to launch an MVP soon. This effort is driven by @cgarwood.

Source code


I will get the black series up as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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Any update on getting the black series xml files posted somewhere? Sorry to be impatient, really looking forward to having these working fully with HomeAssistant.

FWIW, using the xml files for the red series works. Shitilly, but it works.

Can you point me to the red series dimmer in the database, I cant find the lzw31-sn.xml

I followed a somewhat different method from yours. I took the files from Inovelli’s repository and edited the device files to make them conform to the format that Open Zwave 1.4 expects. (I deleted the Metadata elements along with their contents, and changed the Product opening tag to remove the Revision attribute and set the xmlns to that expected by 1.4.) I referred to your method to make sure I was not forgetting anything. I found two issues with your process:

  1. Your XML fragment in step 4 is incorrect. The first Product tag is incomplete: the config attribute on that tag is truncated, never terminated and the tag itself is not terminated.

  2. For those folks who have already added the node to their ZWave network, it is not necessary to exclude the switch from the network and reinclude it to get the benefit of the fixed Open ZWave database. Instead, while Home Assistant is shut down, they can edit the zwcfg_[hash].xml file. The [hash] part of the name is different for installations. It is a hex number like 0xdeadbeef. They need to find in that file the Node element with an id that corresponds to the ID of the node they’ve added. Then they need to delete that element from start tag to end tag, and all contents of the element. They need to do that for all nodes for which they want HA to fetch the information anew from the database of ZWave devices. After they restart HA and the ZWave network is completely initialized, the nodes will have the correct device information. This is what I did. I did not have to exclude the node and reinclude it.


Why not include this into OZW 1.4?