Zwave2MQTT autodiscovery with LZW36 [question]

It looks like there is a special config file in Zwave2MQTT that may allow HA to properly auto-detect both the fan and light. Is anyone familiar with this customDevices.json file? The documentation on the github page isnt very clear to me, and I am not sure if I am placing the file in the wrong location, if I am configuring it incorrectly, or if there is some other issue, but I cannot get it to load, and I dont see any indications in the ozw_log.txt file that suggests it is trying to load it.

If any of you have a working customDevices.json file, could you let me know how you got it to work (even if its not for the LZW36)?

I checked the Auto Update Database setting under Zwave and it shows up correctly for me. I have Hass Discovery and Retained Discovery checked with the discovery prefix of homeassistant under gateway, using the Z-Wave to MQTT addon from the community repository. Now I am trying to get past a dead node issue.

So Home Assistant automatically picked up the fan component and properly labeled it as a fan, and you didnt have to set up any template devices?

Sorry, no. It was more like node#instance# where 1 was both 2 was light and 3 was fan. Haven’t gotten past the initial configuration because of other issues.